Only M7 the chameleon knows his evil plot against Ugandans


By. Mangeni Moses Ojambo.

Museveni knew
1. That the war in Luweero would not help Ugandans or Uganda but he waged it and butchered 800. 000 Ugandans in vain
2. That he was a worse devil than all his predecessors combined, yet he came castigating them and christening them devils.
3 That he meant to bring no change to this country and that his death bed mantra would at last be “No change. ” Yet he came riding high on “fundamental change slogan”
4. That constitutionalism had no place in his jungle game. Yet he hoodwinked Ugandans into an expensive constitutional process promulgating the well thought and well argued 1995 constitution which he knew he would trample upon and rape
5. That he would turn against his bush war comrades and hunt them down like the greedy hyena that he is. Yet he lured them into fighting alongside him, saw them put their lives on the line- some paying the ultimate price-because they thought he had a heart.
6. That he wanted to become the oppressive neo colonial master over everybody, yet he pretended to be the obedient servant.
7. That General Kazini was killed by professional assassins, yet he framed a woman that could not not harm a mosquito.
8. That Col Garang would meet his death on that fateful morning, yet he hugged him and led him to the chopper that would finish him off, looked him in the face and said he was a friend
9. That his wife is an S. 3 dropout yet he shamelessly appointed her minister of education
10. That Kaweesi, Nyakairima, Kagezi, Kigundu and others were butchered by the filthy hand of Museveni ‘s hitman Kayihura, yet he rewarded him with another term in office.
11. That one day he would never want to leave a peaceful country yet he hoodwinked us into calling him the peaceful revolutionary.
We may not know what his end game is or what his last dribble will do to us. But He knows what exactly he wants from us. He is selfish and what he wants from us is destructive. He must be stopped. Togikwatako


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