How Kayihura turned Uganda police into a criminality force

Florence Nakayiki and police photo where she was murdered

By Tumushabe Joseph.


A born of Rwentuuha in Bushenyi District, Nixon Agasirwe started his life struggles as a ‘bad boy’ on the streets of Mbarara vending shoes provided to him by Mbarara businessman, Muyambi, of Generation Suits. In 2000, he became among the first suspects in almost every crime that occurred in town.

He found solace in becoming the Mbarara District Resident Commissioner (RDC) Ngoma Ngime informer. He reportedly ‘betrayed’ his ‘colleagues’ who had hatched a plan to descend on tea farmers of Kyamuhunga who had received huge dimes from the President. He tipped Ngoma Ngime of the plot which was foiled and his colleagues were successfully arrested. It is Ngime who introduced him to VCCU boss SCP David Magara.

As an informer at VCCU, he learnt reading and interpreting call records and it’s through being used to track suspects’ phones that he penetrated the system to become an operative. During the CHOGM in 2007, the Queen’s laptop was stolen. Kayihura assigned Magara to track it down. He in turn trusted Nixon with the mission and the laptop was recovered in five hours. Magara presented Nixon to Kayihura as the man behind the recovery of the Queen’s property.

Sometime after that, Captain Mike Mukula received visitors at his Bugolobi palatial home. On their trips around town, they lost their property including laptops, phones and a good amount of Dollars to Kampala’s ‘smart’ boys. Mukula called Kayihura who, in turn called Magara and asked him to send “that boy Nixon to Hon. Mukula.”
After about three days, Mukula’s visitors recovered some of their property. That became Nixon’s qualification to join the Uganda Police Force. Without a single formal basic training, Gen. Kayihura named Nixon a police officer. He proceeded to promote him to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and last week, he was among the Graduands of the Senior Commanders’ course at Bwebajja.

He has become so powerful that even his seniors dread him. “It is so painful for a professional [graduate] who left University, went to the training for a year and qualified, only to be ordered around by, and/or salute someone who can’t even, rightly respond to a ‘Turn right-turn-left orders,” said one of the many useless rendered senior police officers.
His mischief in police is so vast it will take months publish. In brief, we have a “former” thief and an illiterate idiot joined police from the backdoors, got himself into a sensitive office, got assignments to head hard operations, guns hired out, Mobile money outlets robbed, torture chambers, businessmen and women got robbed, lives lost, he amassed wealth in record time, and went ahead to arrest and torture innocent Ugandans. The only reason such crooks can’t face the gallows is because they serve a criminal state.



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