You are a disgrace to our country, an open letter to Kaihura

Worried Kale Kaihura sues media houses for linking him to Kaweesi's death
Worried Kale Kaihura sues media houses for linking him to Kaweesi's death

Dear “Acting” IGP

I have read your statement released in response to allegations that you are guarded by the Army, in your statement you refute media reports categorically just like your CID boss Grace Akulo refuted officers being arrested by CMI only to see them presented in court the following day.

Gen Kayihura forgive me if call you “Kayihorror” for criminal activities attached to your name that are known to the public through my posts.

Your leadership at police has been the worst for obvious reasons, we expected to receive an apology from your office for the misjudgement at your side, having appointed the wrong individuals in strategic offices.

Your statement doesn’t answer today’s questions of your trusted officers being involved in serious crimes, you have been adamant to address these cases as they come instead you resorted to killing your very own as a way of covering up your crimes. Am one of those who make claims I can support in courts of law, this explains why I have not been sued for defamation before.

You have over five deserters from your criminal organisation, you sent people to kill one of them in Zambia, unfortunately you underestimated our abilities to protect our sources.

Gen Kayihura I have information that implicates you and your son in espionage, you are a double agent, allow me to present a Rwandan spy who left Rwanda as a witness to Your crimes, this spy was coordinating information from you through your son and ensuring your missions were perfect before payment. The military is not looking in the right direction but this will not be long, I invite them to dig deeper.

I expected your statement to announce the replacement of all officers implicated in crime and disbandment of others still at large but known to the public rather than making unnecessary denials.

General Let me ask, do you ever get ashamed? You don’t see anything wrong in activities of your trusted men that include torture of innocent people, recently a court ruled that each victim be given 80 million shillings for torture suffered in police hands, officers that caused this loss have never been punished, doesn’t this embarrass you sir?

You are a double agent, this am very sure and you know I have evidence, this is why many people have been arrested and killed in Uganda, who exactly killed Gen Kazini, what was the motive? Fools will believe that it was his girlfriend, just like you made us believe that ADF killed Kaweesi. But the good Gen was Finished by your killer squad it was pay back time for his involvement in the Rwandan conflict. Kazini is not the only Ugandan military officer killed, you are helping another country finish off its enemies on our soil.

Let me give you advice as an informed and exposed person, you now have to rethink your position in management of Uganda Police force, you can decide to fight your critics with denial or to reflect back at the people you have killed and run for your life.

Back to your performance as IGP, I must admit you have managed to control the opposition and weaken them some time but not all the time. You have effectively managed the dangerous groups like boda boda guys. General this are all weak achievements I expected you to professionalise the police, instead you “tribalised” it allow me to add that new word in the English dictionary (tribalise). Police officers are currently judged by the number of arrests they make, most of these arrests are petty crimes and idlers, officers have resorted to paying the media to have them publicised arresting and parading suspects, general i expect Key Performance indicators for officers, I expect performance appraisals monthly, quarterly and annually for officers of the force. CIDs should be appraised in convictions recorded as a result of good investigations. Your police force is poorly managed sir, officers are busy looking for cash to better their lifestyle, officers are competing against each other who can get more deals. Individuals like me who have access to your close teams will tell you that guys are busy looking for money.

I will conclude by asking you to change or allow the military help you change, in Obote’s and Amin’s regimes the military was seen doing what your police force is doing, in those perceived bad regimes the police was filled with northerners today the police is filled with westerners at least 85% of OC’s and DPC’s are from one region challenge me on this fact and give your regional breakdown. It’s not too late to change.

For God and My Country

I remain your most wanted guy

Seruga Titus



  1. Very true.These guys who are giving us nightmares in police are not even real Police officers. Other Police officers go and toil in the training schools for one year then on the day of passout you see these guys also turning up for pass out when they have never done any training and even at the end of the day they are the ones who occupy the big offices and the real officers are left frustrated.Kaihura must leave police