Kadaga don’t hoodwink the public, you betrayed democracy


Speaker of parliament Thursday wrote a letter demanding for explanation from IGP and other security organs over the September 27th siege of the house in which MPs Opposed to Museveni’s life presidency project were beaten.

Different people have made responses to the letter and we present one here.

By. MP Kasibante Moses

Right Hon speaker for the record this fails to convince me!. First of all, some of us have footages showing how parliamentary staff guided the goons up to the parliamentary chambers. But you should also remember, the next day as many of us were nursing wounds and pain inflicted on us, you chaired parliament in which two things happened;

a) a motion was brought and passed congratulating you upon what had transpired the previous day.

b) You on recorded responded to critics by saying that you are the ‘custodian of the rules of procedure’ actually trying to defend all that what happened to your parliament!. Now all of a sudden this letter!. Don’t you think you would be able to convince many of us if you had done it this way;

a). Begun by apologizing to the nation over what was done to its parliament!

b). Now that you are noting that the goons roughed up including the members you had not ordered to vacate the house, you recall back the controversial bill!?.

c). Begin by summoning both the Sergeant at Arms and the commandant parliamentary police who are both the only ones charged with the responsibility of controlling the access and entrance to parliament!.

Any way the letter to Museveni, what will happen when he either responds to it, or he doesn’t do it!?.



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