Nambooze leaves today for spinal disc operation


A month after government operatives invaded parliament and broke Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze’s spinal discs, she is to fly out of the country today for further medical treatment

The togikwatako advocate has spent the last 30days at Bugoloobi Health Centre in Kampala where she has basically been on pain killers as she awaited clearance from government to go seek further medical care.

She cant sit or stand and she along sleeps on her back

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Though By today morning her file had one pending signature from the acting ministry of health PS, Nambooze said she must leave today with or without clearence.

Nambooze is to travel to India with her husband, one caretaker and a medical doctor for tentatively two weeks for the operation using Emirates Airlines

By yesterday her health condition had deteriorated to a worrying state with her lower part partially sterilized and she exprienced too much referred pain in her legs and had a severe headache.

During her torture her tommentors are quoted to have said;

“We are going to kill you in a way not even post-mortem will be able tell the cause of your death”

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