Police kills 1 injures multitudes in Lira age limit massacre

Lira police massacre victims
Lira police massacre victims

One person has been reported dead and several seriously injured by Police that shot live bullets at people gathered for an FDC POA rally in lira town.

 Lira police massacre victims
Lira police massacre victim IsaacOkello


According to an eye witness many people have sustained serious injuries and many more are feared dead.

Besigye’s car was amidst the fracas towed to Lira police station which was later stormed by  angry ‘Togikwatako’ chanting residents who set him and other people who had been imprisoned free.

According to party assistant secretary general, Harold Kaijja Patrick Amuriat Obuoy and the rally had been cleared by police but the same Police blocked them 50 Mitres to the venue and
Without saying a word, they started spraying teargas and bullets towards people gathered on Obote Street.

Okellos body being carried away by police in Lira

The shot person was identified as Isaac Okello, a resident of Alebtong who had gone to visit his brother at Lira Town College and not part of the riots

David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson said he was shot by a stray live bullet while trying to dodge teargas and bullets that police were firing opposite Lira All Nations Christian church.

The angry youth furiously carried Okello’s body and dropped it at Lira Mayors Garden where police had put a barricade to block the youth from accessing Dr Besigye then they went on to block and cut lira main road

 Lira police massacre victims

Lira town main road blocked by residents in protest