102b is a limitation NOT a discrimination, M7 must rest; fearless NRM youth


I’m honoured and humbled by what president Museveni and NRM have given to this country for the last 31 years. “THANK YOU”. However, as a country, we are in a situation many may refer to as an awkward age.

That as a country, we are facing new and serious threats to human freedom of expression, we seem to be losing confidence and this may be referred to as incompetence, economic, political conspiracy and national security challenges made worse by tendencies to serve individuals, the health and future of our NRM party its self is an issue.

As a party, we have lost confidence in our own self. The task and debate at hand should be a party succession plan as the defining commitment of our party by letting the party chairman His Excellency the president to go home and rest rather than amending article 102b of the constitution.

We are in the age we need to look back and remember where this country has come from and look forward and determine the future of this country.

As a country, we are either too young to influence the direction affairs and future Uganda and party, or too old to remember or write the history of this country.

Fellow Ugandans, Uganda is NOT a project of any one person, or a project of president Museveni, BUT of each one of us Ugandans who endeavour to make a difference in affaires of this country.

For those in politics and in public service, our motto “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY”, symbolizes a set of values and attitude of civility that make politics and public service such an attractive discipline, a noble calling and worthwhile pursuit.

A discipline to ensure that those locked out or left behind are given an opportunity and dignity and no longer be restricted to a few based on tribal, party or religious lines but to many, the responsibility that each one of us has to play apart in detesting all forms of injustice and impunity, by a virtue of us being Ugandans.

It is said that “history unfolds in cycles and does not move on a straight line and that all the values and progress we cherish are inevitable”.

To my fellow NRM comrades, it’s time that we admit that our country and NRM my party is in a fragile state of a leadership succession crisis and in need of constant renewal, there is need to reshape and redirect the affairs of the party and country into the a direction of justice, freedom of expression, equality/equity, inclusion with a proper and well defined succession plan.

However the choice is ours as a party and country. It is said that “our best hope and powerful conscience to our doubt and fears lie inside each of us” not just as a party but as citizens of this country.

Our willingness should be to joyfully embrace our responsibilities as a country and as a political party, but to also stay true to the allegiance of advocating and maintaining with high regard and concern policies, laws and leaders who put personal concerns aside when a national outcry calls and when conscience demands.

I think about my fellow NRM fearless generation across the country who have risked without fear and have been criminalized in pursuit of extending the boundaries of human freedom of expression, exposing and condemning the injustice and impunity embedded in our national systems, characterized with intolerance, suppression of views, corruption, marginalization and discrimination, NOT with despair but with constructive recommendation for peaceful succession plan transition.

“Age 75 and article 102b of the constitution is just a limitation NOT a discrimination”.

I think about the young men and women who have overcome fear to keep working and striving for justice and respect to our constitution and for a peaceful transition in the only country they call home and believe that Uganda is an idea that grows strong by each of us adopting a common creed.

Olinga Gilbert, the author, is a team leader of the NRM Fearless Generation.



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