Togikwatako, Nadduli survives second lynch in Mukono, abused

Abdul Nadduli survives castration in Mukono over Togikwatako
Abdul Nadduli survives castration in Mukono over Togikwatako
  • Age limit advocates thought Mukono would be an easy place to crack given Nambooze’s absence.

Museveni life presidency advocates have found it hard to even have room to address Togikwatako permeated people of Mukono District.

chief mobilise Hajj Abdul Nadduli was Yesterday for the second time chased from a Togikwatako meeting organized by ex-NRM officials led by one Sam Bbemba at Summer gardens in Kikoza Mukono Municipality

“You sold off all your teeth to rats for money but you are still yawning and selling off your country for money, respect your age”

The well attended meeting had district and LC 5, 3 councilors, LC-3-2-1 chairmen and NRM party flag bearers at all levels from the districts

Unlike in the first meeting on the 6th when Nadduli was allowed to speak before members  told him off the constitution and nearly lynched him for transport allowances, this time he wasn’t even given time to speak.

NRM party members outside the house where Nadduli was hiding. They wanted to fish him out for lynching. Mukono police rescued him

Drama, started when Mukono district speaker Emmanuel Mbonye, on behalf of all councilors told Nadduli and government in general to first recognize district councils as a second level  legislation body next to parliament

Mbonye argued that in the current case their importance must be reflected atleast financially and asked Nadduli how much money he had brought them for togikwatako endorsement.

Nadduli said each is to get 30,000/=, This sparked anger from members who rioted and interpreted it into an abuse, as they calculated it to be 0.0000001% of what MPs got for the same, yet its them who reach down to people and know their opinion.

Mbonye further told Nadduli that constitution change is not just an NRM-party issue but a public issue which must be discussed in councils after councilors are given facilitation to make public consultations on the same-as it was with MPs.

Enraged Nadduli grabbed the microphone and told members not to behave like “villagers from ‘deep down in Kyazanga”. That was his only statement on the day as

Kasawo sub-county woman councilor Damari Musenero pounced on him saying: “Can someone from Luweero call anyone in Mukono a villager?” She asked

“You sold off all your teeth to rats for money but you are still yawning and selling off your country for money, respect your age” She added to crown Nadduli’s rude welcome into Mukono

As tempers rose, MP, Muyanja Ssenyonga, MP Kusasira peace and NRM chairman Ssebagala Twairi abandoned the meeting and left Nadduli alone.

The speaker told him that Mukono has 5MPs and each was given 29m to consult them on age limit but none has consulted them on the same because they know the district stand then why should Nadduli waste their time?

Kisakye Timothy, the district councilor representing Ntunda sub-county told Nadduli to first spread the kugikwatako gospel in Luwero before bringing it to Mukono where people are already decided.

It was at this time that Nadduli angrily moved out of the meeting being followed by words from members that a person at his age, like Museveni should be resting somewhere as they can no longer handle the new generation.

Members ordered the days registrar/cashier to pay them the 30,000 allowances arguing that this is peoples money, which he did.

After the experience Nadduli woke up to reality and told press that power must not be concentrated within the Museveni family. He argued that NRM structures should choose the next leader not Museveni to appoint a successor [watch Video]