City councilors reject going for M7 indoctrination at Kyankwanzi

KCCA councillors
KCCA councillors

KCCA and division Opposition councilors have disassociated themselves from the planned Kyankwanzi political indoctrination planned by the Minister for Kampala, Beti Kamya.

Lord councillors from various parties said on Wednesday that they are not part of Kamya’s programme as it is not in any of their council resolutions

Erias Lukwago the Lord Mayor disassociated himself from the training during a council sitting saying that Kamya is in the habit of using the institution’s name for her own selfish needs to impress Museveni.

At KCCA Lukwago asked councilors to vote on the matter 21 opposed and only 6 were in support of the training.

Kyankwanzi has of recent become an indoctrination centre for NRM occult and whoever comes out of that training centre worships Museveni as an omnipotent supreme being and NRM as a cult above religion and culture.

All new NRM MPs and district leaders are taken there for inauguration [indoctrination] immediately they enter office. They all come out unable to reason on their own but follow whatever Museveni says be it good or bad, whether it affects their own career, heritage or children.

Though KCCA voted against it, Kamya on 31 October, 2017 wrote to Musisi,  requesting her to avail the councillors with an out of pocket allowance to enable them attend the political training at the National Leadership Training Institute Kyankwanzi from 12-19 November, 2017”.


Kawempe division councillor Muhammad Ssegirinya  told the New Vision that “We the opposition councillors have resolved that we are not going to be part of the team that is travelling to Kyankwanzi,” he said.

Nakawa councillor Kennedy Okello said “We are aware of some councillors from the ruling party who are going to attend, but for us we are not attending.”

Fatumah Nsereko from central division said they are adults who will make their personal decision on whether to attend the training or abstain.