Nambooze undergoes successful surgery, bashes M7 and promises more fire in the struggle


Mukono Municipality member of perliemnt has under gone a successful spine operation in India one month after Museveni’s SFCs atttacked Parliament chambers and broke it.

The operation which was supposed to be done Sunday was delayed to Wednesday as government failed to release her treatment funds to the hospital. Opposition leader Dr Besigye footed part of the hospital bill

Spine Specialist at Manipal Hospital Bangalore India on assessment confirmed she suffers a condition called Lumbar Disc Prolapse with Nerve compression and had to perform surgical operation medically known as Poterior Lumbar Decompression and Fusion L5/L5

The 8hour delicate operation was done Wednesday morning and Nambooze woke up from medical sleep early evening and immediately bashed Museveni’s malicious Government for refusing to clear her bills as promised and thanked Besigye for immediately coming to her rescue.

In a note posted on twitter and Madam teacher’s class her Facebook page excited Nambooze said:

“Praise be to God,I have woken up from the Medical sleep….I praise you Lord
And Dr.Besigye,You are really the people’s President….thank you my President,I didnt vote in vain….am successfully back from surgery…on 27th Sept I went to Parliament with a backbone… Today I have a back metal…. they stole my vote and they have stolen my back as they fight to impose themselves in power and stay in leadership in a country where they can’t even treat a Member of Parliament BUT the struggle is still on until we regain freedom for Uganda”

In her message to Ugandans, Nambooze said they broke back but never touched her will and mind. She urged Ugandans to stand firm against the dictatorship, stand unmoved on togikwatako and promised more action when she returns.

She is expected back in the country two weeks from now



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