Why upcoming politicians may be worse than the current ones


    With the display of selfishness and opportunism by current MPs through the age limit mess, I predict 90% of MPs in the current parliament will never make it back. Many suitors have already come up expressing interests in taking those positions.

    Simple research has shown this wave may end up bringing opportunists worse than the ones voters want to get rid of.
    Lessons from this period show a distinction between politicians and activists/freedom fighters and has sent the widest lesson to voters;

    Whenever you vote NRM, your voting someone to serve M7s interests not yours

    We have learnt the many people who claim development and vow service to people are selfish lots who can sacrifice integrity to serve Museveni’s interests. Many of such are viaing for the same posts.

    M7 has over time killed political grooming and pushed logical politicians out of leadership–and has turned it into a dirty game for selfish, half baked opportunists.

    With 30years of political systems destruction, culture and socIal norms desentegration amidst stinking corruption It’s queer but true that nearly 70% of political office seekers are selfish lots interested in replacing the current ones in serving Museveni not Uganda.

    Ugandans should in advance be aware and kickout such selfish old Wine coming to fill new bottles.

    The power hungry occupational force has over time created a set of politicians with damning qualities, politicians who themselves don’t trust their brains, who openly confess that without M7 they can’t be anything in life.

    Such dump is created in 3 categories;

    The first category is that the regime wants most to complete its occupation of the country leadership and kick indigenous tribes out of leadership
    M7 has through the 30years empowered the ethnic Rwandans (refugees) through education and economic strength.

    They have overtime politically succeeded through blackmail pausing especially as Baganda–and this category after 30years of building is rapidly increasing and ready to takeover the entire parliament.
    These have direct statehouse funding and when they win they have 100% loyalty to the regime.

    The second type are NRM-M7 indoctrinated lots who take NRM as a religion, a tribe and worship Museveni the person. Such once elected turn their loyalties away from their traditional/ religious heads and are even adamantly ready to sacrifice their burial grounds to maintain Museveni in power.

    Other are held at ransom by their academic incompetence or financial irelugularities.
    NRM bends so much in having academically unqualified candidates The kind of Watongola, Abiriga, Ssekitoleko Kafeero, Judith Babirye, Simeo Nsubuga, Nabakooba, Kanyesigye Peace etc.

    After nominating such unqualified candidates NRM itself funds an opponent to open a court case against them so as to ransom them

    The aim of this is to hold the MP in fear hence keep him/her at its ransom knowing without state intervention his/her position is at risk.

    Such category MPs like Kakooza, Ssematimba are made day light fools without resistance. Actually 60% of NRM MPs don’t have enough academic qualifications to be MPs hence their selfish behaviors

    Those who qualify and have no court cases NRM makes sure are held in very big financial debts and pushes creditors on there necks forcing them turn to govt as a savior. This happens to both opposition NRM and independents who don’t bow before Museveni.

    This briefly answers why NRM and Museveni favors academic rejects and even fights young educated MP contestants among itself especially in Buganda region

    As a party that flourishes on blackmail, creating fear and keeping masses in ignorance, NRM is aware of the many people who are interested in kicking out the current MPs and do exactly what they are doing.

    Shameless as the regime mafias are, they are ready to use and dump the current and build a new park of opportunistic MPs specifically from the Museveni 30years rule generation.

    Ugandans should be aware;
    The togikwatako period has been an exposure for whoever can fight on the side of people. Anyone who by now is traversing a constituency seeking 2021 MP seat when s/he is quite on or can’t come out open on that issue is just interested in replacing the current MP and serve Museveni while enriching himself.

    Any political suitor who did not come out in any way on age limit is a type waiting to serve Museveni not people next term.

    As a country we can rid ourselves of such opportunists

    Kaweesa Kaweesa and U Y D chairman Ssewino





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