Dr Lulume’s arrest; Kibuule turns Amin’s Nasur, Maliyamungu combined


    Former Buikwe South Member of Parliament Dr Lulume Bayiga has been denied bail and sent to Luziira prison where he will spend the next two weeks sick as he is.

    Lulume was violently beaten by police last Saturday while providing free medical services to the elderly people of Ngongwe sub county in Buikwe district in a medical camp organized in conjunction with the rotary club of Mukono.

    His backbone was broken in the fracas while police arrested, pressed charges of assault and inciting violence on him and detained him

    The violent arrest, detention, denial of medical attention and now bail to a medically ailing person is a coordinated move by state organs to serve one person who is after displaying his power prowess and might, M P Kibuule Ronald.

    It all started In Kigaya village, Najja sub county, Buikwe district where the minister chased a whole village from land he grabbed claiming he had bought it from Bugandas queen mother though she denied any dealings with him.

    Dick Waswa, the village chairman who led residents in protesting the grabbing to courts of law was killed by Kibuules battalion of policemen deployed in the area to keep residents off the land. Courts, the area MP and all security organs refused to intervene in this murder and it silently passed on.

    When he died his body was taken for the usual postmortem in Lugazi and later Mulago in Kampala.

    It’s then that the doctor intervened, he used his ambulance to take the body back to the people, comforted the residents and joined in the legal proceedings to save the village.

    This act annoyed Kibuule and Mutebi Fred the NRM area MP scared of his political life and Kibuule whose economics interests were being tone apart.

    The first attempt to arrest him came during the togikwatako campaign era, when he mobilized a protest match in Nkokonjeru and press conference at Lugazi with the DP Buikwe chapter members. He beat police deployment that time and escaped arrest.

    The medical camp which he routinely carries in the medically starved district was a third big activity in the area and an opportunity for Kibuule and Mutebi to show there might hence the brutal arrest, detention and denial of bail to keep him off the land grabbing and exposing the dirt in government.

    Kibuules blatant acts;

    As compared to Nassur, Ali Faduulu, Otema Alimadi, Rwakasisi of the Amina eras, Kibuule has on several occasions brutally arrested/detained his political opponents, at his home and at police facilities.

    He commands the Mukono and Ssezibwa region police and they all dance to his tunes. He has a condor of Uganda police security escorts following him and guards at all his properties, wives/girlfriends, relatives and even friends specifically Rwandans living in Mukono. His uncle, named Lukyamuzi a mere district councillor has police escorts guarding him!

    In Nama sub-county, this year Kibuule did an act never done by any of the known political power corrupted goons of all time, he solitarily overthrew a legally elected LC3 chairman and installed one of his choice

    Nama is one of the two sub counties that make Mukono north constituency which Kibuule represents. This is a basically opposition sub county and Kibuule miserably lost in it during last elections.

    During the LC3 elections, The area Voted Jamir Yiga a DP candidate as chairman, dumping NRM’s Kabambo.

    As was the case with many losers his defeated opponent NRMs Kabambo petitioned the victory in court accusing electoral commission of inefficiency and mishandling the entire process which led to his loss

    Court in Jinja made the judgement in his favor and at least a by-election was expected though Yiga made an appeal in high court.

    Before high court fixed a hearing date for the appeal, Kibuule organized a rapture swear in for Kabambo the loser.

    He deployed a battalion of police forces at the sub county headquarters, ordered the district CAO to preside over, but being away, Mr Katamba the Assistant CAO was fetched at gun point and forced to preside over the rape swear-in.

    Todate the people’s chairman is out and Kibuule’s in office as high court is quite on the case hearing date. This act is even worse than MP Wakayima’s which Kibuule also commended

    His power arrogance extends at national scene on which he commands serving politicians and officers as his children in a untouchable manner.

    Reliable sources reveal that he is instrumental and behind influencing/threatening judges to make queer judgements on political cases literally on gun point.

    Reports reveal that during Hon Nabukenya of Luweero appeal case, Kibuule kept out of the cabinet meeting as he personally coordinated putting tension on judge Kavuma to read the embarrassing judgment. It’s in this manner that many political judgments are made especially around Buganda where an ethnic base is set to be established

    Tanga Odoi was also his victim, when he tried to push Kafeero Ssekitoleko out of NRM primaries after Jinja court declared he lacks academic qualifications. Kibuule who wanted to push Lukooya Mukome out of politics drove to Gulu to personally meet and convince Museveni to back a move to dump legal decisions and keep Kafeero in the race. Reliable info reveal Kafeero truly lacks papers, but he M7 at Kibuules influence pushed him in.

    On October 26th parliament was thrown to fragrance when Kibuule who routinely skips security checks entered the parliament chambers with a gun which he arrogantly displayed to MP Ssemujju Nganda as a way of threatening opposition MPs opposed to Museveni’s life presidency project. It’s this arrogant behavior that built up to Parliament ‘rape’, injury to MPs, indefinite suspension of its activities and the country wide togikwatako tension

    As a serving minister, In 2013, Kibuule while addressing youth in Kajara County, Ntungamo District, made a controversial statements that police should instead charge victims of rape if they are indecently dressed.

    This only statement he ever made public drew strong criticism from public and women activists.

    To add on list of power arrogance acts he last year beat up a private security guard, Ms Hellen Obuk who had insisted that he undergoes a routine security check at Stambic bank Mukono.

    After beating her up, he ordered the police to arrest her, She collapsed as she was being taken to Mukono Police Station and was taken to Mukono health center where she was put under 12hours guard until she gained her consciousness and police opened a libel offense against her.

    Building a Rwandan chieftaincy in greater Mukono.

    He is inline to establish a Rwandan chieftaincy of a sort in greater Mukono. In Mukono district after smuggling Kanyesigye Peace Kusasira into the woman MP seat and Luzindana Andrew Aka Ssenyonga into district chairmanship, he has assembled a team of ethnic Rwandans to take all political positions in the district with his uncle called Lukyamuzi Davis set to take Nakifuma, Atuhiirwe Ann as woman MP etc

    The chieftaincy Kibuule is building in greater Mukono, is being built by Karangwa in Bugerere, by Kaihura in Kampala, by MP Kasolo in Kyotera, Mbidde in opposition DP etc–

    With this set up all indigenous Ugandans in politics in or out of NRM should join hands for any comrade being terrorized by regime agents else when there time comes, they will suffer alone.



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