The 10 lessons about M7 from the Togikwatako fracas


    Half of the parliamentary committee on legal affairs met president Museveni at state house Tuesday amidst accusations by the opposition MPs on the committee of other members asking for a 300million bribe from Museveni. Amidst all this the following  10 lessons have been drawn

    By Ogwala John Micheal

    The togikwatako lessons.

    The basic lesson was by the opposition that if it works together under a common cause the dictatorship can easily be uprooted as they have people’s support.

    Inspite of police brutality against anti age limit advocates, the message spread like bush fire and it was echoed all over the country forcing even NRM MPs to fear own electorates and organize skimpy consultative meetings for only their campaign agents.

    The Togikwatako fight has risen people’s confidence and hope in the opposition as agents for change and further exposed NRM regime as an occupational dictatorship against all Ugandans
    Museveni is a power hungry lot ready do anything however malicious including killing to stick to power. The act of unleashing the army into parliamentary chambers was a shameful act that can only be done by someone whose focus is only on being in power no matter the way he gets it. In summary, the act awakens the 1986 act of skipping dead bodies to state house and confirms the saying ONCE A REBEL ALWAYS A REBEL

    It proved that NRM and Museveni are not out to serve Ugandans but only concerned with it’s stay in power. It’s a government without Ugandans in any of its programs. They plan, budget and only implement administrative issues ignoring, health, education, or any people development issues. They paid MPs 29m bribe but refused to increase doctors salaries who went on strike victimizing millions of Ugandans

    NRM Members of parliament don’t serve Ugandans but Museveni’s interests. Many Ugandans thought that by voting NRM member it would help improve service delivery to people. The actions of MPs ignoring people’s outcry against the amendment, concting information that people support the bill proved that electing an NRM person is electing someone to serve Museveni’s interests not them.

    NRM MPs don’t represent even their party but money. The assumption that NRM has majority members in the house doesn’t hold when it comes to any issue that involves voting. Besides routine summons by Museveni to Kyankwanzi and state house for indoctrination, Either Museveni has no trust in them or they have no trust in him and are aware all they do serve Museveni, so before passing anything for NRM they have to be first paid. Is it because they know all they pass benefits only Museveni and his family.

    The country is run by only one arm of government, the executive with help of army police and UCC maybe. At one time during this period, the judiciary was on strike and Parliament suspended until further notice.. Inspite of this police passed scrappy laws like “Law against annoying Kaihura, Opposing age limit openly, etc,

    Politics has turned a jock with comedians and liers taking the central stage. Inspite of obvious rejection of the bill by Ugandans, NRM MPs started assembling people and paying TV/radio stations to say people support the bill. Simeo Muwanga took it beyond logic when he assembled renown Kampalas Bodaboda 2010 goons as voters of Kasanda expressing their support for the bill. Many NRM MPs did this and if it wasn’t being shameless all NRM MPs hold no moral authority to claim being people’s representatives.

    Army/police and all state organs are NRM arms implementing Museveni’s wishes against Ugandans

    The joint nationwide rejection of the bill show that People have run out of patience and are disgusted of the regime and Museveni in particular. It is clear that they all along voted him with hope that at 75 he will peacefully quit power and they are disappointed he stick on.
    Uganda is Under an ethnic occupation with shameless leaders governing it under Lawlessness against rule of law but under rule by law.

    The country is run by three people and they are the authority on anything, that is Museveni, Kaihura who fights whoever opposes age limit and Mutabaazi of UCC who bans airing whatever is opposed to Museveni. Around these three is the State

    The most salient exposure is Museveni’s relentless hatred for Baganda worse than even Obote. The covered up fact is that only Baganda MPs were targeted for beating in the fracas. That’s why, Ssemujju Nganda who wasn’t suspended was dragged out, Nambooze And Kasibante who didn’t resist for a second were picked in the chambers, Zaake, Kyagulanyi and Ssewanyana were specifically targeted by the goons.


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