Is Museveni on a beggars mission or are his cadres getting the better of him?


May 12, 2018 – A letter attributed to President Museveni in which he solicits for financial assistance for his party has raised a number of questions and reflects the state of anarchy that is slowly engulfing the National Resistance Movement and Uganda in general.

In the letter dated April 29, 2018 addressed to the chairman of the Kwagalana group, that has been doing the rounds on social media, Museveni literally with hat in hand first thanks the group for its past support to the ruling party before explaining that the party again needs a financial handout for upcoming elections in new electoral areas as well as by-elections.

“All this, needs money. We also need to build up funds for the future general elections. Therefore, your contribution towards this cause is most welcome if you are able,” Museveni supposedly writes before giving banking details to an account held in Housing Finance Bank Kololo branch.

The twin accounts 1100039193 for local currency 11000 69362 for foreign currency; operate under the name MASINDI 20th OF FEBRUARY.

While that date is known as the anniversary of the day the NRA, then a guerrilla army, attacked Masindi Barracks in 1984, one wonders why a political organisation would operate an account whose title has no connection with its more popular name.

One of the immediate questions that come to mind is whether the account indeed belongs to the party or to scammers using the Museveni and NRM’s name to con members of the unsuspecting public.

The other is where the NRM, a party with no known sources of income has been getting the resources to bribe its way out of political competition. While Museveni is known to dole out money in the billions to appease or buyoff political opponents, the NRM which has no known sources of income, is so broke that it has failed to pay its workers and recently summarily sacked them in the hundreds without due compensation.

An example of lavish spending by Museveni was the dishing out of billions of shillings in 2016, to sections of traditional leaders in an effort to dampen support for a rebellious traditional ruler.

Despite launching a funds drive to build a party headquarters nearly eight years ago, the party continues to charge Ugandan taxpayers for its activities hosted by Museveni at State House where they are disguised as Head of state engagements.

But doubts about the authenticity of the letter were cast by no less a personality than Richard Todwong, the Deputy Secretary General of the NRM who told Spear News that he could not vouch for the authenticity of the document before subjecting it to close scrutiny.

“I cannot comment on a document whose source is social media first because the language used is suspect. It is also possible that the account name could be correct but the account numbers could be wrong,” Todwong said.

Todwong’s response further raises the question of whether Museveni can write a letter soliciting for money without the knowledge of his Secretariat.

Whatever the truth, the letter and explanations by senior officials reflect the state of anarchy into which Uganda has sunk. The left hand does not know what the right is doing. This has created a fertile ground for con-artists who are laughing all the way to the bank as Ugandans sink deeper into poverty.


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