NRM concedes Rukungiri, blames rebel members for loss

NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba

June 1, 2018- The NRM has been quick to accept its loss in Rukungiri, blaming it on fifth columnists within its ranks. In a statement, party communications officer Rogers Mulindwa says the results will be presented to the executive for further guidance.

But he is quick to add the narrow gap – only 4000 votes- separated the major contenders, showed that the party was bouncing back to win future elections in the area. He also points out that the NRM has won 27 of the 36 bi-elections so far held for members of parliament and district chairpersons while independents have taken six slots. Here, we reproduce the statement for our readers independent analysis:


Date: Friday 1st June 2018

Going by the official results released by the Electoral Commission earlier this morning, we lost the by-election in Rukungiri to FDC.

We polled 46,379 against 50,611. The Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba will shortly table these results before the Central Executive Committee ( CEC ) for further administrative guidance.

The party wishes to extend special thanks to its members within and outside Rukungiri who supported the cause.

We however continue to express dismay over the errant party members who opposed the official party position and never walked the journey with us. NRM lost the race but there are good signs of winning the bigger battle in this area in future.

Our support in Rukungiri district has continued to grow into a fertile ground for hope in the future elections.

By today we have had a total of 36 by-elections involving only the positions of MPs and District Chairpersons across the country. Of these, NRM has won 27, FDC 2 (Jinja East & Rukungiri) , DP 1 (Kyotera) and the remaining 6 slots have gone to independents. This performance is evident that NRM is the most treasured political party in our country.

From Rukungiri we are going back to the drawing board to evaluate ourselves and set winning strategies for the pending by-elections.

But to achieve our expected targets, discipline and teamwork among members will be a required priority.

Communications Officer – NRM


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