A triplets miracle in Mukono as Bishop Luzinda’s 65 year old wife gives birth


June 3, 2018 – The faith of Mukono residents in the gospels is likely to be reinforced further, after they woke up to news that retired Mukono Dioceses Bishop Elia Paul Luzinda Kizito, was the new father of triplets after his 65 year old wife gave birth at  Mukono Church Hospital, locally known as Namirembe.

Doctors at the hospital hovered over Florence Wanyana Luzinda until she was safely delivered of three healthy baby girls. Doctors kept her under watch for several days, not allowing her to move out of the facility until the successful delivery.

Luzinda lost his former wife some years ago and in Christian tradition remarried, most probably for companionship. By some miracle however, Wanyana who herself was a widow conceived.

News of the miracle was well received by residents. “In Mukono we now have a home grown miracle and can relate better to the scriptures. We no longer need to refer to the episode in the Holy Bible where Sarah, wife to Abraham, was able to get a child at the age of 90. We have Mrs Luzinda as living testimony of how the grace of the Lord can make old women give birth,” a resident who broke the development to Spear News said.

A former Bishop of Mukono Diocese, Bishop Luzinda came to the national limelight when during the funeral mass for deceased junior Agriculture Minister Kibirige Ssebunya, pointed a finger at President Museveni and accused him of corruption. “You’re thieves and you and this man we are burying are heading to hell,” Luzinda thundered to the shock of everyone present.



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