Nambooze and Kiwanda speak out on Cbs saga, reveal deadly secrets

Nambooze Betty at her home in Mukono

June 06, 2018 – Mukono municipality MP Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke has spoken out about the circumstances surrounding her recent banishment from Cbs FM. In a post to Spear News, the outspoken MP traces her nearly two decade relationship with the broadcaster and the various incidents of turbulence she has endured.

She also makes the startling revelation that for several years, Cbs has been denied a broadcasting licence and has been operating at Museveni’s mercy. Below we reproduce Hon. Nambooze’s post to us in full:

“I started featuring on Cbs in the year 2000, exactly 18 years now. Some programs I have done, have landed me in Police cells, court docks and in 2009 I was kidnapped for several days an act that almost cost me my life.

Cbs has groomed me into the politician, I have become. In difficult times, they gave me a salary. Meddie Nsereko has been my brother through and through, he is the one who recruited me and he took responsibility over my welfare when I was facing hardships. I owe a lot to him, Cbs and my Kingdom.

In return, I have worked unreservedly and when I attained financial stability I started serving for free. I do research, I read a lot and I measure my words. I have taught myself to say the hardest things in the simplest way. Whatever I say, I can prove that is why, no case has ever been opened up against me successfully.  I cannot be compromised and God has bestowed upon me the skill to foretell situations and dig out the hidden. Am not fearless but God gave me the courage to face things that would rather scare me.

When Museveni closed CBS, the price he demanded for its reopening was the banishment of a researched Uganda history show, Twejjukanye, we used to do with Kasibante. The program was dropped and Cbs was reopened but denied a licence. Operating such a big business without a licence is very difficult but the management pushed on, every day they don’t know their fate, they are always on tenterhooks.

Many times the regime has forced the management to expel me and some others from the radio and after sometime we have resurfaced. It has never been the wish of Cbs to suspend me but the regulator (UCC) who always come up with charges against me that have no complainants backing them.

I started fighting Dictatorship when I was twenty years am now a grown up woman with big children, am not about to stop with or without appearing on radio. In fact these days, I want to talk less. I’m very grateful that CBS has given me a platform this long and I appreciate that they endure a lot to host people like me and Hon. Nsereko. If it’s true that this time Hon. Kiwanda and Hon Kakooza are the ones who complained against us to UCC’s Mutabazi and made him write to CBS banning the two of us, let them continue featuring on this Thursday show and shine, Ugandans will be listening, tebatya.

If someone somewhere just wants to drag in the names of my Honourable brothers, let that person be exposed. When we just keep quite about this, the people don’t get to understand us, they immediately and persistently accuse us of “keeping quite” about the problems we are facing as a country. Am therefore coming out to let the public know that my featuring on radio is strictly by invitation and it’s not by choice that I don’t go for the show.”

Meanwhile Ho. Godfrey Kiwanda has denied ever asking UCC to ban Hon. Nambooze and Nsereko from Cbs. In a private message to Nambooze, Kiwanda absolved himself thus:

“I have not talked to Hon Kakooza over this issue. But the truth is that I have never complained at all to UCC over our Thursday Cbs radio programme.

That’s not my methods of work my Sister.

We may disagree as we always do but I know it’s just for the Politics and we remain great Friends.

Cbs is my mentor and it’s out of disagreements that we have had at it together that has made me.

Hon. Nsereko is my great friend too though at times we don’t agree on political grounds.

When a Program is closed I don’t benefit either.

If anyone proves my complaint to UCC or to any authority just know that I am that I am a traitor.

If there any issues that we need to resolve at as team or MPs, we are ready to sit with the Management of Cbs.

I am so sorry to involve my name over this matter.

Naye nga ndi mwetegefu okusisinkana wonna wemba mpitidwa,” Kiwanda’s message ends


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