Bobi Wine punches holes into Museveni’s security measures


June 11, 2018 – Kyandondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has challenged President Museveni to come up with solutions that address the rising spate of targeted killings other than hiding behind symbolic measures that do little to stop the problem. In reflections posted on social media, Hon. Kyagulanyi points to measures such as registration of Boda-Bodas, National ID’s and lately Simcard registration Museveni has ordered after every killing and yet the senseless murders continue.

Following the assasination of Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga (RIP) last Friday, Museveni yesterday ordered the mandatory installation of tracking devices in all motor vehicles and motorcycles. He does not explain how this will stop the killings but today, he also ordered a ban on hoods and facial masks.

Below, we reproduce Hon. Kyagulanyi’s post in full:

“As we drive through Lweera along Masaka road on my way to Rukungiri, my mind is still fixed on that yellow casket draped in the national flag in front of us, law makers. Less than 72 hours ago, I was at Parliament teasing him about his extreme obsession with yellow and he told me that when I grow up like him, I will find myself loving something and sticking to it whether bad or good, “…it becomes your way of life and you will love it even if it hurts you a bit. So you young ones who can still choose new things, choose carefully.” Now he lies dead, gruesomely murdered in cold blood.

I can only imagine what is running through the minds of my fellow MPs. Many of them imagining who the next target is. Those in the opposition are very worried too, for even before investigations are conducted, many leaders are selling the narrative that our colleague was killed for his political views.

Then I am reminded of President Museveni’s response after each of the recent murders. After Joan Kagezi, he said the problem was boda bodas and government launched frantic efforts to register them. Major Kiggundu followed and they said National IDs and registration of all SIM cards was the solution. Then came AIGP Felix Kawesi and he said the problem was lack of cameras on the roads. He promised to install them. Our friend Radio died mysteriously and the government called for registration of all bouncers. Then Susan Magara and other recent kidnaps followed. The President said the solution would be found in capturing the DNA of every citizen. Now it is Hon. Abiriga and he talks of mandatory installation of tracking devices in all cars and motorcycles! Tomorrow if another tragedy happens, he will make a new promise even as the cycle continues. Of course for every prominent person who dies and captures our attention, many more citizens have died senselessly- whether in our failing hospitals, or in preventable road accidents, etc.

In my mind I ask, doesn’t President Museveni realise that this is not working? Doesn’t he see what is obvious to all of us that the nation is in a crisis? Doesn’t he descern that our nation is not at peace with itself? How many more people must die? How many more before we accept to put egos and threats aside and unite our deeply divided nation?

Still lost in thought, I am interrupted by gonja sellers in Lukaya and that’s when I realise that I am with Fire Base Crew members heading for a music concert in Rukungiri. All of sudden they remind me of Abiriga’s bodyguard- Kongo Saidi. Then the one for Kawesi, and all those slain drivers and bodyguards. And the people who work around leaders and public figures like myself. I am reminded that we must appreciate these people when we still can, because they can take a bullet for us any day.”


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