When coup, war, demonstration, election fail, people should reclaim their power-Kivejinja

KIRUNDA KIVEJINJA over 20 year ago predicted the exact situation in which the country is in now. In his book "UGANDA, THE CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE"...
The red ribbon revolution team

Togikwatako: How a few MPs outwit NRMs crowd in the house

How determination outwits NRMs terror of numbers Members of parliament opposed to amendment of article 102 have so far impressed Ugandans and proved...
Museveni;s canny attempts to change his age

Museveni’s ridiculous attempts to edit his age to stay in power

BY ALEX TAREMWA 33 years later, this is how far a dictator is willing to go in order to remain in power. Uganda is yet at...
Uganda’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Hajj Yahya Ssemuddu with stranded Ugandan girls from a shelter for homeless migrants in Saudi Arabia last year

Museveni, a modern slave trader mortgaging Ugandans for weapons?

By: Halid Bidi When General Museveni insult, abuse and call names all past African Kings and leaders for accepting colonialist and selling Africans to slavery...
oppressive regime

How todays silence ll be regretfully answered in 20 years

The year is 2040. The conversation is between a 16 year old and his father, a 52 year old(who was 29 in 2017). (By...

Age limit: Where are lead opposition figures?

Nambooze, Lukwago, Mpuuga--etc; Where are lead opposition figures? As NRM parliamentarians grapple with rape of the constitution to make Museveni life president, many concerned...
Uganda's terror police

Why Museveni’s regime should build more prisons than schools and hospitals

Kasibante Moses, MP Rubaga North and Wakayima Musoke have been arrested by police accused of meeting their electorates. Their arrest is a niche...
Protesters angry at plans to allow Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore to extend his 27-year-rule set fire to parliament and hunted down each individual MP in the camapign

Practical ways to defend our constitution and salvage the country

Amidst total abuse of the constitution and betrayal by selfish leaders, here are practical actions points for all Ugandans that will help rebuild democracy...
Besigye, Museveni has stolen all public land entrusted to his government, he now wants private landvideo

Besigye lists public land stolen by Museveni and family~VIDEO~

Museveni has grabbed all public land entrusted to his government, he now wants private land-- Besigye Blocked from appearing on VOK radio Kabaale, Besigye secured...

‘If it wasn’t M7, Jacqueline Mbabazi would be dead’

  By Andrew Mwenda Jacqueline Mbabazi was dying. The hospital bill had gone out of the roof. Amama Mbabazi had vowed never to meet up with...
The environment we have created is realising a hopeless population and when hopeless people choose indiscipline as a means of survival, it will no longer be justified to 'crush' them.

Does Uganda matter to Museveni anyway?

31 years on in power Museveni seems to have failed to recover from his background inferiority complex and feels he must enforce superiority by...

Mengo leaders, dump adamancy and listen to ideas from online forums

Baganda have many ideas for their kingdom, UNFORTUNATELY those who are at the center of the kingdom have their personal financial and political battles...
Amuru land

Amuru land grabbing agreement was signed in Rwakitura, intends to enslave Northerners

“To transform a human being into an efficient, uncostly, and completely subservient slave, you have, as a pre-condition, to completely purge him of his...
Kenyans celebrating court ruling

Kenya should be suspended from East African Community-for being just

He made a last minute decision to go to court to prove to the world "what a computer generated election" means. Successfully Odinga proved...

Kenya’s Supreme Court has opened a Pandora’s box

By Andrew Mwenda   The Kenyan Supreme Court is playing with fire. They have not properly thought about the consequences of their decision to nullify the...

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Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari’s former hubby Ivan Ssemwanga passes on in South Africa.

Latest reports from Pretoria in South African indicate that Ivan Semwanga, known for splashing money and throwing lavish parties whenever he came back home...

Tamale Mirundi beats up NBS-TV live program host Muyanga Lutaaya

Presidential adviser on Media Tamale MIRUNDI beats up Muyanga Lutaaya on NBS show when the latter asked him about his lease with Mengo. On being...

The Uganda Museveni found in 1986.

The NRA rebels led by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seized power in a military coup on 25th January 1986. This was coincidentally not unprecedented since...


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