The Masiro fire inferno. It set pace for Katikiro Mayiga's tenure.

Katikiro Mayiga: The mystery of the delayed completion of Kasubi Tombs

The spearNews in our series presents Katikiro Mayiga’s first tenure in office which ends 24th May 2017.In the first release we looked at his...

Nambooze declares herself leader of “BAD” DP

The SpearTeam Nambooze declared to lead "BAD" DP to clean DP and finally offer herself to become the first Woman to lead Uganda's oldest party...

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Museveni and the evolution of a superior breed in Uganda

May 22, 2018 – On Monday, Parliament reversed a proposal by the Museveni led executive to give science teachers preferential salaries that in some...

General Tumwine, where are your artists ?

As General Elly Tumwine fights the battle of his life for Nommo Gallery, one aspect of his struggle stands out. While he says the...

The rise and fall of Museveni’s whistle-blower Pius Bigirimana

May 13, 2018 – In ancient numerology, a cat can cheat death only nine times while the Muslims believe that a thief can only...