Nambooze mourns the “death” of Police Spokesman Kayima’s credibility

The Member of Parliament  for Mukono Municipality Betty Nambooze Bakireke has in  an un-ordinary manner written an obituary  mourning "death of Police Officer Emmilian...

Ugandans overwhelm Mbidde with answers to his question “why people hate me”

Embattled DP vice chairman Mbidde on Thursday threatened to unleash his group of hooligan gangs to beat up Hon Muwanga Kivumbi as he came...
Latif Ssebagala, Nandala Mafabi and Matembe

The 53 MP’s who rejected M7’s 5m and voted against lifting term limit in...

Credit should always be given where its due and given the fading trend of Uganda's politicians those who have done credit to the country...

Muslims, Museveni Will Never Like You Whatever You Do-Hussein Kyanjo

Hon. Hussein Kyanjo (Retired MP, Makindye West) Throughout history Mr Museveni has distinguished himself as a deliberate hater of both Islam and Muslims and he...

ABOMINATION; Munyankole minister takes Kabaka to court over Buganda land

The SpearTeam Well, there is a famous Luganda saying that "Omunyoro omugezigezi alisalira omuganda ku ttaaka" meaning that a wise Munyoro will one day find...

Have Ugandans resigned to tribalism in Museveni’s government?

Who is promoting tribalism, THE ONE WHO TALKS ABOUT IT OR THE ONE WHO PRACTICES IT? Kemba Higenyi. Recently the IGP Gen Kale Kayihura visited Moroto...

Abomination: Museveni leaves Kaweesi’s body in compound and go farming!

In African setting its abominable for a person who has lost a relative, friend or even a village mate to go digging before or...

Government, Why humiliate Andrew Felix Kaweesi with such inaction and action?

The recording and leakage of a video showing the would have been final private moments of AIGP Kaweesi in the world as doctors carried...

A letter to Asan Kasingye; Save Your Personality not Regime Brutality

Onghwens K. Kisangala Asan Kasingye, am worried for you Some time back in 2007 when I used to quite regularly host you on Spectrum, a Radio...

Torture in Ugandan safe houses

By John Njoroge Those who remember the Independent Magazine between 2007 and 2009 should be able to remember the above column. It was my weekly...
The UYD secretary general in police cells at Nsambya

An open letter to formerly honorable Mao Norbert

Hello Hope this letter finds your settled somewhere with Mbidde,  Mwesigwa Frank, Brig. Karamire , Sewungu, etc popping a champagne. I beseech you to pause...

Rwomushana; M7 is systematically exterminating indigenous Ugandans for their land

Charles Rwomusana was a students leader in Makerere University, a delegate at the Constituent assembly and later Museveni's spy. They seem to have fallen...
Its a fact Banyarwanda had no land in Uganda and hence were not dispossessed. They were not among the indigenous traditional people of Uganda until the 1995 constitution came into being.

A strategic plan to displace Ugandans and settle Tutsi’s on their land

By Eric Kashambuzi Museveni and his inner circle knew exactly what they wanted for their Tutsi people. Museveni used Obote to rally support and build an army that...

Eulogy to Andrew Felix Kaweesi by Simeo Muwanga a long time friend

Hon Simeo Muwanga Lutaaya posted this on his fallen friend and "Munywanyi" Andrew Felix Kaweesi" This morning I woke up to accept what appeared to...

Mao evokes memories of Obote’s 1966 attack on Kabaka’s palace among Baganda

While addressing a DP press conference Tuesday,  Mao over extended his limits, from attacking Nambooze the person who raised political concerns about him, to...

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Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari’s former hubby Ivan Ssemwanga passes on in South Africa.

Latest reports from Pretoria in South African indicate that Ivan Semwanga, known for splashing money and throwing lavish parties whenever he came back home...

Tamale Mirundi beats up NBS-TV live program host Muyanga Lutaaya

Presidential adviser on Media Tamale MIRUNDI beats up Muyanga Lutaaya on NBS show when the latter asked him about his lease with Mengo. On being...

The Uganda Museveni found in 1986.

The NRA rebels led by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seized power in a military coup on 25th January 1986. This was coincidentally not unprecedented since...


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