The judiciary is Uganda’s mother of corruption

Most Ugandan judges are true products of NRM!! Most coordinate their cheating with the clerks and the so called state prosecutors and you will...

Why Dr. Besigye should speak out on Fdc election

I have been following the undertakings in the biggest opposition party in Uganda for a couple of years and honestly been admiring their Democratic...

MP Nambooze remembers fallen mother

  BY HON. BETTY NAMBOOZE On this day in 2000 my mum went to be with the Lord. Though it has been years now since you were...

‘Uganda can exist and thrive without Mr. Museveni’

By Vincent Magombe At this critical juncture in the Ugandan national People’s journey of liberation, Free Uganda, the pro-democracy campaign group, pays tribute to all...

NATIONAL CONVERSATION: Only the risen Jesus can save Uganda from this hopelessness-Nambooze

Nambooze Betty Bakireke It is no longer in dispute that Uganda is a case of homicide stuck on the head by the very hands that...
Arial view of Lubiri

Let Buganda turn Lubiri into her Vatican city

In this world you either evolve or die Milk shakes come in all flavors, you can basically mix whatever you want add some milk and...

AGE LIMIT: Don’t drag us into more hatred; youth tells Ankole MPs

A concerned youth has written a letter to MPs from Western Uganda advising them to desist and even lead a campaign against removing term...

Mao evokes memories of Obote’s 1966 attack on Kabaka’s palace among Baganda

While addressing a DP press conference Tuesday,  Mao over extended his limits, from attacking Nambooze the person who raised political concerns about him, to...

Lets focus on Uganda not M7

By Maureen Waluube Kyalya The Article denounces discrimination against Ugandans on all grounds except age, did any one not this??? Age Limits lower or upper are...
Plain-clothed security men fight MPs opposed to Museveni's life presidency in the parliament 27th August

Age limit, a reflection of M7s true bush war intentions

You refer to the social class struggling to get UGANDANS out of bondage of urban poverty, disease, destitution and unemployment as HOOLIGANS... LETTER TO PRESIDENT...

Dr Stella Nyanzi Stabs Museveni Again, Calls Him Ettalo

In the bigger frame of things in Uganda, the tiny benign tumour became a vicious malignant cancer because we put talcum powders and soothing...

So i was mistaken; An Open Letter to Mama Beatrice Anywar

So i was mistaken!!   I had always known the Acholi as committed and principled people and Acholi land is the epitome of bravery. When Mama Beatrice Anywar (Mama...

You’re BONK: Stella Nnyanzi tells Beti Kamya, attacks K’la Evil ladies

Dr Stella Nyanzi watching over Kampala events wrote: Evil women are stinking up the airwaves in Uganda as we start women's month. While many women...
Museveni at radio studios

Letter to M7. The land, age limit debate says, Ugandans are disgusted and don’t...

By personally appearing on radio stations to defend the land grabbing project, Museveni is either portraying his poor administration with nonfunctional systems or...

Nambooze mourns the “death” of Police Spokesman Kayima’s credibility

The Member of Parliament  for Mukono Municipality Betty Nambooze Bakireke has in  an un-ordinary manner written an obituary  mourning "death of Police Officer Emmilian...

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Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari’s former hubby Ivan Ssemwanga passes on in South Africa.

Latest reports from Pretoria in South African indicate that Ivan Semwanga, known for splashing money and throwing lavish parties whenever he came back home...

Tamale Mirundi beats up NBS-TV live program host Muyanga Lutaaya

Presidential adviser on Media Tamale MIRUNDI beats up Muyanga Lutaaya on NBS show when the latter asked him about his lease with Mengo. On being...

The Uganda Museveni found in 1986.

The NRA rebels led by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seized power in a military coup on 25th January 1986. This was coincidentally not unprecedented since...


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