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When a vulgar first family drags along our state into an obscenity race

Good Morning Uganda - a Country where wonders will never cease. Most Ugandans have not recovered from the shock of scandalous charges slapped on...

Shun M7s ‘trashy’ radio talk shows-Nambooze tells Ugandans

  • FM radios have been turned into the dictators propaganda tools yet Ugandan's still trust what they hear from radio's as gospel truth.
  • Your heads are not trash cans in which everyone powers useless trash
By Bakireke Nambooze
By 1986 Uganda had one radio station with various channels that transmitted mainly educative messages and news to Ugandans. Limiting as it were, a message could be received across the country in a single broadcast. The move by Museveni's regime to liberalize the airwaves was therefore welcome.Good as the idea sounds,I was taught at Nkozi University Department of Democracy and development studies that the FM radio revolution h

Actions Speak louder than Words; Ugandans bash Bobi Wine’s ‘Togikwatako’ disappearance

By: Bob Kizza Bobi Wine seems to be joining politicians before him to become another #misleader other than the leader we expected him to be. We all know that "action speaks louder than words" but so far he is just talking (He has spoken in parliament atleast twice since he was elected) Ugandans were expecting their superstar turned politician to Stand with them at a time when the ent

Angry Ugandan warns Minister Betty Amongi over Acholi land

An angry Ugandan called George Okello has written a dossier cautioning Land Minister Betty Amongi to avoid resurrecting old wars between the Langi and Acholi by supporting the take over of the latter's land for cane growing. The strongly worded dossier is reproduced here with some minor editing; The heat is mounting on Amongi Betty. She is a complete outcast now in Lango. She has become one of the most reviled and hated characters in the over 250 history of the people of Lango. To be an arse-licker of a brutal Rwandan Museveni was too much for any self-respecting Lango man or woman to take.
Worse of all, she is being seen as an asset by the regime, as battering ram to re-open past conflicts between Lango and Acholi in its divide and rule tactics. But the people of Lango are not going to fall into that trap.
No one is going to ever force them to engage in Museveni's vile policy of setting his victims against each other. No one wants to she

Charles Rwomushana rubs salt into Janet Museveni’s Stella Nyanzi wounds

Charles Rwomushana has made stunning responses to first lady Janet Museveni's questions why Stella Nyanzi and many Ugandans are so angered at her. He gave...

Nsambya 31st, a rebirth of DP’s tenets of truth, Justice, Integrity and trust?

I appreciate Nambooze’s frustration apparently helplessly watching a “sinking ship” with no help in sight. I also appreciate the fact that there appears to...
If i were a BodaBoda sniper, i would shot all oppressive leaders and reclaim my vote

Dr Stella Nyanzi to Museveni: “If i was a Boda-boda bike Sniper mercenary. ....

I wish I was a mercenary sniper on a bodaboda bike fleeing to fight. I wish I was trained in the use of bullets that...

Entebbe murders, just a fraction of the regime death traps we live with

Kemba Higenyi Reports indicate that up to 20 females have been brutally murdered in Nansana and Entebbe wakiso district the last three months. It is very disturbing because the security agencies have not come clean on what is going on. This is so despite the fact that each village in Uganda today, has an LCI committee, a security committee headed by the defense secretary reporting to the village chairperson, a team of crime preventers, a village intelligence officer, a committee of 30 members of the ruling NRM party. I am told on top of that plethora of groups or structures charged with the tranquil running of the village, Mayumba Kumi is being added or has been added yet insecurity merely intensifies. Slightly away from the above yesterday I visited a person that I know in mukono and she gave me the following story about her daughter. She told me that her daughter had been attending antnertal care at Mukono health centre IV until two weeks ago when she fel

Did M7 liberate or recolonize Uganda?

Uganda at 55: Reflections on Luwero Triangle Bush War. By Prof It is 32 years since it ended. The question is: Is Uganda more independent than she is after the end of the bush war when we were told Uganda was liberated? When Uganda got political independence from the British colonialists on 9th October, 1962 there was no prior shedding of blood. However, when Uganda was ostensibly liberated on 25th January 1986 it was atop a concealed genocide of almost a million people. The impression we were given through a well-crafted propaganda machine was that all the killing was done by Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA). Which one? We should remember that UNLA was mainly originally two things in one: Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) of Yoweri Museveni and Kikosi Malumu of Apollo Milton Obote. It was a marriage of Convenience, which was destined to turn sour. Whatever justifications Yoweri Museveni gave for rushing to the bush to wage war against the elected government of Apo
Makerere University, to iintroduce own pre-entry examinations

Our country is under occupation, let us act

FIGHTING AN ENEMY WITHIN US There is nothing much more, I can say to you fellow citizens of this nation. You can sit and deny the obvious or do something about it. Our country is under occupation there is no ifs and buts period. We have many people from Rwanda and many from our neighboring countries mascara-ding as Ugandans and many of them have been given civil service jobs, loans to start businesses, involved in land grabbing with the help of UPDF and Police. We the rightful owners of this nation are marginalized People that have stood up to this colonization of our nation have been labeled as working for Museveni and this is done deliberately by Museveni's operatives and it has worked and example is Dr. Besigye. Rwanda is going through a mock election and some so called Ugandans are in Kigali campaigning for Paul Kagame. If this could happen what about our previous mock elections to. Museveni said he will pack judges with his own people, he has done it with similar poli

Useless distinctions!

By Frank Gashumba For the last 50 years, pupils in P7 score distinctions and the same pupils score distinctions in O'level and the same students...
The UYD secretary general in police cells at Nsambya

An open letter to formerly honorable Mao Norbert

Hello Hope this letter finds your settled somewhere with Mbidde,  Mwesigwa Frank, Brig. Karamire , Sewungu, etc popping a champagne. I beseech you to pause...

Museveni’s power overstay contradictions–Oweyegha Afunaduula

Oweyegha Afunaduula Way back in the late 1990s we environmentalists of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) warned government and the World Bank, at...

Changing our political culture, the change Uganda needs for a start off

Osuta Yusuf We need to Change the Political Culture in Uganda We inherited a political culture that explains why we had a number of civil wars...

Guys wake up: Either defy or Comply with the warlord.

The political debate inside FDC is very healthy. Although the spoilers call it abusive, it is a fact that FDC, is the only political party in Uganda that encourages political competition from the top to bottom and members actually practice it. That level of high competition creates an environment where ideas are strongly exchanged in favour or against any candidate. The competition in FDC is not chocolate eating competition, no. It is about advancing political ideas to attain a political office to serve certain political interests. Some political interests are purely personal aimed at achieving personal gain, and others, serve common good. It is o

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Maureen Kyala pleads for Nambooze’s life

June 19, 2018 - Former presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya has appealed to President Museveni to save the life of detained and bed-ridden Mukono Municipality...

Monitor journalist demands for Museveni’s apology over Kayihura

June 16, 2018 – A monitor journalist wants President Museveni to apologise to Ugandans over the torture and harassment meted out on them by...

Nambooze in critical condition at Naggalama police station

June 15, 2018- Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke is reported to be in critical condition at Naggalama police station where she was detained...