compromised opposition

The minority Report: Opposition gone “GOOD” or “BAD” amidst regime compromised leadership

Amidst compromised opposition leaders just acting as Museveni's ambassadors to give false hope to Ugandans who really love change, you must either go Good or Bad Opposition...

Museveni stop war mongering and killing our sons for $10,000 per head

Former presidential candidate Kyalya Walube has penne to president Museveni cautioning him about the consequences of the rootless wars he involves Ugandans into and their long term impacts to the next generation. She wrote a day after Al Shabaab militants in Somalia killed 12 UPDF soldiers though some reports indicate they killed 39 Ugandans. Moureen Kyalya Walube wrote: The people we are killing and who are killing us in Somalia are fellow Africans. $10,000 is not worth an English man, I wonder why M7 thinks its worth an African man. The Americans should deploy their troops to Africa so that they suffer some causalities too.
It's a shame and typical of pre-colonial chiefs to enslave our girls in Asian countries as house maids and sons into Somalia for $10,000 per head.
As a nation we are still struggling with the Rwandese refugee problem of the 1990's. The DRC billions

Nambooze and Kiwanda speak out on Cbs saga, reveal deadly secrets

June 06, 2018 – Mukono municipality MP Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke has spoken out about the circumstances surrounding her recent banishment from Cbs FM....

Ugandans overwhelm Mbidde with answers to his question “why people hate me”

Embattled DP vice chairman Mbidde on Thursday threatened to unleash his group of hooligan gangs to beat up Hon Muwanga Kivumbi as he came...

Oweyegha Afunaduula’s Cautions Norbert Mao and DP on Museveni

Is it true President Nobert Mao of the Democratic Party wants a meeting of top leaders of the party to establish why members are...

Guys wake up: Either defy or Comply with the warlord.

The political debate inside FDC is very healthy. Although the spoilers call it abusive, it is a fact that FDC, is the only political party in Uganda that encourages political competition from the top to bottom and members actually practice it. That level of high competition creates an environment where ideas are strongly exchanged in favour or against any candidate. The competition in FDC is not chocolate eating competition, no. It is about advancing political ideas to attain a political office to serve certain political interests. Some political interests are purely personal aimed at achieving personal gain, and others, serve common good. It is o

How Tadwong shoot his feet, a laymans account

Lasita Falayi OmulangiraOmulungi Kadolome-Nsaalaanka Was Todwong testing his gun to see whether it doesn't shoot blanks or he was high? I will enter into KANYAMUNYU...
Denis Mbidde emerges on the political Scene displays Mao-Mbidde NRM tactic

Sportsman Denis Mbidde emerges on the political Scene, exposes Mao-Mbidde NRM tactics

Denis Mbidde the renown sports personnel popular in FUFA and Soccer club Villa management has recently emerged as new political kid on the block.  He made a bold entry...

M7 changes strategy on Bobi Wine, answers him through 3rd party

After a marathon of exchanges between MP Kyagulanyi and president Museveni that paused last week with Bobi Wine, publicly exposing shameful errors in Museveni's missive, the NRM camp has changed strategy to avoid putting Museveni direct into the firing squad. NRM and Museveni have been defeated hands down on social media with 80% of responses on their own social network portals critical and abusive of the system. The yellow camp strategists who seem not ready to be defeated in the cyber war and want to maintain their presence amidst predominantly disgusted users have turned to a second person career for their message to Bobi Wine and the young generation. Being spread now on social media by NRM's social media  activists is a letter released today by an obscure  "concerned citizen" in which the same usual NRM message of war threats, referring to the past--ignoring the future, making negative compulsions, intimidation, defending evil etc is packaged in the same tone

Ingrid’s 7minutes campaign leaves the biggest mark among all contestants

"I stand here for a cause for my country. No body can stop me. I came here expecting what you are doing. A pig...

Collective condemnation–Kaliba Maria

Maria Kaliba I hear you when you say collective condemnation of a people is wrong. But you see the point is, as humans we are...

Boda-Bodas are not Uganda’s security problem, its the many Security agencies

By:Emmanuel Muwonge Very many readers respond to The SpearNews articles direct on our website with good analysis and insight on particular articles. From today we...

Uproot NRM dictatorship from the roots not leaves–Maureen Kyalya Waluube

I do not understand why Ugandans use a lot of negative energy to fight each other yet they have the power to change government...

We all want our shoes kissed

By Eddie Ssemakula Surely, no length of social media posts can restrain a man committed to his own glory, even if that man were the one typing this. We, needy humans, are glory seekers by default, we all want our shoes kissed. It took an entire crucifixion 2000 years ago to overcome such vain glory, and yet, we still smell the stench of such human pride today. What we just witnessed at the Independence grounds over the weekend is an indictment on a born-again church for having long-abandoned the institutional wisdom of doctrinal safeguards in favour of enterprenual models of Christian ministry. Self-styled models of ministry, where the CEO-like 'Shepherd' on top of the pyramid is accountable to nobody, just like members of his mid-week congregation. And yet that's still a secondary issue. The Primary issue being that we are all committed to our glory, it's a poisonous vice orchestrated by the serpent and passed on from our first Parents, Adam and Eve. Consequent

Dr.Bwaniika’s Gorbachev’s analogy goes viral as people name DP “traitors”

Mikhail Gorbachev was a President who dealt the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic  and Communism a death blow. He was an American born in the Soviet Union and planted in the Russian system through which he rose through the ranks to rule the country. Yestetday while appearing on CBS Parliament Yaffe Program Abed Bwanika, former presidential candidate , revealed that there are Gorbachevs planted in Ugandan politics with the sole aim of destroying it's structure and that these characters are so present in DP. Since then the statement has gone viral with most DP members suggesting names of the possible Gorbachevs. Below one Youth Allan MAWANDA gives his version which Spear carry as an opinion; Fellow Democrats this is the right time to rise against the GOBACHEVs who have started their well long planned mission to destroy Democratic Party. Its very clear that, GOBACHEV MBIDDE who has never won any election apart from the one  in which he was supported by h

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OTT is as oppressive as King Solomon’a yoke

By Joseph O. okuja. SOLOMON’S YOKE (1 KINGS 12) 1 Kings 12 tells us that the people of Israel petitioned their new King, Rehoboam, son of...

FDC pays the price as contest for Uganda opposition crown intensifies

Bugiri Municipality contest was a mirror image of the no-holds barred fight for supremacy within Uganda's oppositon   July 28,2018 - FDC emerged empty handed from...

NRM’s Ellioda Tumwesigye pulls off world first by representing two constituencies

July 28,2018 - Minister for Science and Technology and Sheema North MP  Dr Elioda Tumwesigye has probably become the first legislator in the modern...