Why fake degrees at makerere university now?

Why Bicupuli degrees and Diplomas at Makerere University now?

Prof Oweyegha Afunaduula Is it true? Bicupuli degrees and Diplomas from Makerere University? When I was Lecturer in charge of Examinations in the Department of Zoology,...

Norbert Mao is acting like the UNLA era Museveni; Sarah Nalukenge

Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLF) was a political platform founded in 1978 by exiled Ugandans opposed to the Iddi Amin regime. Following the fall...
Dr Stella Nyanzi with Karamagi, She has repeated it that Uganda is a motherless nation

FDC exposed as they abandon Stella Nnyanzi at her hour of need

Stella Nyanzi's new approach to politics has succeeded in effectively communicating to Ugandans the vulgarness of Uganda's politicians both in government and opposition. It has...
18 Women die in labor every day in Uganda

An open letter to Janet Kataaha Museveni on women’s day. Ajuna Rurangaranga

18 women will today die in hospital giving birth Dear Janet Kataaha Museveni •••• RE; AN OPEN LETTER TO YOU CONCERNING THE MISERY OF A WOMAN! For...

Ugandan women made to settle for theory as 18 mothers die in labor everyday

By Harold Kaija As 18 women still die in labor everyday, our women have been made to settle for less made to settle on theory....
Nambooze Betty

Only idiots can live happily under Museveni; Nambooze

By; Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke On Sunday I had a heart to heart conversation with my brother in which he told me that it's quite very...

Answer back: Should laws regarding qualifications to joins parliament be changed?

Watongola an aspiring MP candidate sat S6 last year after a court case was lodged against her MP elections triumph. Besides the subjects she did,...

Busoga is not Kyabazingaship, a historical cultural view. Prof O Afunaduula

Oweyegha Afunaduula Kyabazingaship is not a Kingdom and the Kyabazinga is not a King. The country the colonialists called Usoga, which neighbored a country the Colonialists...
Oweyegha Afunaduula

Comparing Museveni’s 31 to Rwanda’s 23 years. Oweyegha Afunaduula

Oweyegha Afunaduula As i asked before. Let me ask again, President Museveni said he is the only man with a vision. Of course that is...
Bireete Sarah's opinion at the Spear News

Museveni’s weird campaign promises as Oxfam seeks to “Retire” his “Middle income status” tool,...

Uganda - a Country where leaders think that a hoe is the ideal tool that will make us a middle income status country. An opinion...

Besigye Muntu, ‘FDC is beyond you, lead the party in the right direction”

John Kikonyogo I had deliberately kept silent on Fdc matters for some months expecting leaders to do the needful by leading the party in right...

DP and UPC should formalize their alliance with NRM.

The NRM-DP-UPC alliance has become so open and concerned NRM party members  suggest it should be formalized. Kateregga Musaazi who contested MPship on NRM ticket...

You’re BONK: Stella Nnyanzi tells Beti Kamya, attacks K’la Evil ladies

Dr Stella Nyanzi watching over Kampala events wrote: Evil women are stinking up the airwaves in Uganda as we start women's month. While many women...
Concerned. DP president Norbert Mao

Mao explains why he allied with NRM against FDC as DP moves to save...

Two days after the EALA election the DP party president has come out to explain why his party had to ally with NRM to...

A letter to Beti Kamya Taryomwe from former colleague in the struggle

Dear Taryomwe. Hope this letter finds room in your people-side closed ears. It is not too late for you to remember who you are and where...

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Ivan Ssemwanga

Zari’s former hubby Ivan Ssemwanga passes on in South Africa.

Latest reports from Pretoria in South African indicate that Ivan Semwanga, known for splashing money and throwing lavish parties whenever he came back home...

Tamale Mirundi beats up NBS-TV live program host Muyanga Lutaaya

Presidential adviser on Media Tamale MIRUNDI beats up Muyanga Lutaaya on NBS show when the latter asked him about his lease with Mengo. On being...

The Uganda Museveni found in 1986.

The NRA rebels led by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seized power in a military coup on 25th January 1986. This was coincidentally not unprecedented since...


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