Actions Speak louder than Words; Ugandans bash Bobi Wine’s ‘Togikwatako’ disappearance

By: Bob Kizza Bobi Wine seems to be joining politicians before him to become another #misleader other than the leader we expected him to be. We all know that "action speaks louder than words" but so far he is just talking (He has spoken in parliament atleast twice since he was elected) Ugandans were expecting their superstar turned politician to Stand with them at a time when the ent

Your actions will haunt you, your children and grand children; An open letter to...

I don't care if the people voted or you rigged your way into that office as it's your practice.
My assumption for now is that you were voted by the people of the republic of Uganda whose constitution you intend to scratch like your own books before consulting the people you represent. Before I go any further, let me remind you, Few years back, Mr.Amama Mbabazi was the master mind of scrapping the presidential term limit from our constitution selfishly and myopically to create room for Museveni who is illegible to stand again. Few years down the road, the oppresser becomes the "oppressee". Ever since the term limit was scrapped from the constitution, my hope has for a peaceful transfer of power always lied in article 102 (b) of the constitution not until 2015 when I saw this time coming. Time for raping the constitution for life presidency. But I want you to look back, which country w

Uganda’s independence was lost in 1986, under a fundamental siege

The current leaders got power by ''false pretense'' as liberators when actually they were an occupational force worse than apartheid and any imperialist
By Oweyegha Afunaduula
1986 -The year

Shun M7s ‘trashy’ radio talk shows-Nambooze tells Ugandans

  • FM radios have been turned into the dictators propaganda tools yet Ugandan's still trust what they hear from radio's as gospel truth.
  • Your heads are not trash cans in which everyone powers useless trash
By Bakireke Nambooze
By 1986 Uganda had one radio station with various channels that transmitted mainly educative messages and news to Ugandans. Limiting as it were, a message could be received across the country in a single broadcast. The move by Museveni's regime to liberalize the airwaves was therefore welcome.Good as the idea sounds,I was taught at Nkozi University Department of Democracy and development studies that the FM radio revolution h

Letter to M7. The land, age limit debate says, Ugandans are disgusted with you

  • By personally appearing on radio stations to defend the land grabbing project, Museveni is either portraying his poor administration with nonfunctional systems or he is directly indicating that the land fight is totally his family business. 
  • His land grabbing justification is compared to a poison seller who entices customers by saying his poison kills slowly and if they don't take it they will miss going to heaven.
  • All public properties put under Museveni's custody have been either given out to family members or destroyed including all public land
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What will M7 ask for after his death?~Behimbisa

A  social Media activists wonders what president Museveni of Uganda will ask for after his death from Ugandans since he has been given all that he has ever asked for by Ugandans. Below is his facebook post reproduced; By
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Hussein Kyanjo on the current moves by Dr. Museveni to solve the Land equation.

It is now official that Dr.Museveni is embarking on a national radio campaign to explain his position on land matters i hope and pray that he gives his honest opinion. This is the third approach on the same subject in recent times. He started with the obvious formality of going through cabinet to send an amendment bill to Parliament which move hit a dead end only to be prematurely withdrawn. The second approach was the Bamugemereire commission which is gathering views from the public while sunctioning drastic actions along the way. After all its findings slightly before giving recomendations the commission will as is now known practice visit the great leader for his input. He will get hold of the entire report; get his legal and business experts to find areas where he will twist Ugandans to get hold of their land a thing he has wanted in vain since the bush war times. It is alleged that during the war in Luwero
Dr Museveni travelled extensively an

Entebbe murders, just a fraction of the regime death traps we live with

Kemba Higenyi Reports indicate that up to 20 females have been brutally murdered in Nansana and Entebbe wakiso district the last three months. It is very disturbing because the security agencies have not come clean on what is going on. This is so despite the fact that each village in Uganda today, has an LCI committee, a security committee headed by the defense secretary reporting to the village chairperson, a team of crime preventers, a village intelligence officer, a committee of 30 members of the ruling NRM party. I am told on top of that plethora of groups or structures charged with the tranquil running of the village, Mayumba Kumi is being added or has been added yet insecurity merely intensifies. Slightly away from the above yesterday I visited a person that I know in mukono and she gave me the following story about her daughter. She told me that her daughter had been attending antnertal care at Mukono health centre IV until two weeks ago when she fel

We all want our shoes kissed

By Eddie Ssemakula Surely, no length of social media posts can restrain a man committed to his own glory, even if that man were the one typing this. We, needy humans, are glory seekers by default, we all want our shoes kissed. It took an entire crucifixion 2000 years ago to overcome such vain glory, and yet, we still smell the stench of such human pride today. What we just witnessed at the Independence grounds over the weekend is an indictment on a born-again church for having long-abandoned the institutional wisdom of doctrinal safeguards in favour of enterprenual models of Christian ministry. Self-styled models of ministry, where the CEO-like 'Shepherd' on top of the pyramid is accountable to nobody, just like members of his mid-week congregation. And yet that's still a secondary issue. The Primary issue being that we are all committed to our glory, it's a poisonous vice orchestrated by the serpent and passed on from our first Parents, Adam and Eve. Consequent

Sober Up – Head of Kenya’s Central Organization of Trade Unions tells Uhuru

The embattled President of Kenya Uhuru Kinyatta appears to many has a person who takes more than enough alcohol. Among the Presidents in the Eastern African region, he is the only one ever seen smoking and drinking beer publicly. Now following his ugly public statements about the country's judicially which annulled the Presidential results last week, the chairperson of the Countryside's powerful Trade Union has came out to advise him against "too much consumption of alcohol" The head of Kenya’s Central Organization of Trade Unions, the umbrella body for the country’s trade unions, Francis Atwoli, to stop drinking alcohol otherwise, this will cost the president and country at large dearly. “I am appealing to the president to be (a) little bit sober. Even the way he is addressing the public he appears not sober,” Atwoli said. “You still have a large following in Kenya, sober up!” Atwoli said during press conference on Sunday. Opinions
Two Indians captured at oil refinery fight

Age limit; An opportunity to sort leaders from opportunists

By Sarah Bireete Uganda - a Country where the unfortunate AGE LIMIT CAMPAIGN is the best succession debate M7 could have offered this country because it will SORT OUT LEADERS FROM JOKERS. From time memorial, including biblical historic times, great leaders rise out of providing solutions to catastrophic situations. World over, great leaders for each generation were created by miserable and unfortunate circumstances. Martin Luther King said
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"
Fast Forward: our moment of CHALLENGE AND CONTROVERSY has already arrived! Gauge where your leaders stand and APPROVE THEM AS LEADERS THAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO MOVE FORWARD OR WRITE THEM OFF AS JOKERS. Dear MPs where do you stand? Bireete Sarah Opinions

I am done mourning and crying about Uganda’s leadership-Stella Nyanzi

Tonight, I am wearing my butiiti waist-beads again. I am done mourning and crying about the carcass called Uganda's leadership. Ah-ah, I am done worrying myself about an agedc corrupt dictator, his nepotistic relations, his corrupt public officers, and his evil praise-singers. I have thrown off the silence I swallowed out of fear, and I am the brazen wanton woman my loved ones love. Tonight, as the last night of August dies away, I am oiling my waist with the fine-smelling aloe-vera cream that I bought expensively in Cape Town. I am going to wear some sexy lingerie under my well-pressed pink satin nighty. I refuse to hold onto the worry and anxiety about the enduring impacts of Musevenism, as an idolater holds onto a tiny ensiriba bracelet. I abandon the fear of dictators who will soon be mere footnotes in obscure history books dumped in dusty library shelves. Tonight, I pity every failed leader of Uganda. You impotent flabby lumps of muscles! You brought so much promise when you

FDC stakes go beyond cardholders

By Joseph Tumushabe It all started in Parliamentary Advocacy Forum (PAFO) merging with Reform Agenda that later gave birth to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) When M7 made serious attacks on the opposition through merging public service with NRM, starvation of livelihoods of opposition, direct purchase of opposition within and outside NRM a huge force started growing. This force is the K factor, the force that came around Dr. Besigye. Not all people that were disgusted with M7's harassment were FDC. They included DP, UPC, NRM and nearly the entire none partisan group that had lost trust in politicians. As a matter of fact this force is growing bolder and we all have a right to comment and seek to direct how it gets run. We are stakeholders and are perhaps even more invested more in the way opposition to Museveni should be galvanize and run. So matters in FDC are our matters, even those who had booked space on the wall to watch are confronted by the reality that the

Uganda is ripe for a new political party – Jude Mayanja

I have been all along discouraging the idea of forming a new political party but as politics stands in Uganda today, a new political party must be formed to give hope to our people.
Mzee Museveni has successfully infritrated almost all opposition political parties while others are just stagnant, JEMA, CP, PPP and PDP are stagnant, UPC was paid in cash, UFA was paid in cash, DP is dead and hijacked, My only hope was FDC but I have a thinking that Museveni installed in it a speed governor and it is on an Oxgen/Besigye support machine.
Museveni has made sure that he controls the leadership of all credible parties. However, in each of the above parties, there are steadfast people whose brains can not easily be compromised. These people need a common front and the disappointed population is ready and willing to give the support. Uganda's opposition hope has been Besigye but he is wearing out soon. Lukwago, Nandala, Namboze, Bosa, Nuwagaba, Kasibante, Mpuuga, Ol

The impact of Bobi Wine’s music and his politics

By Abbey Kibirige  Ssemuwemba A politician, whatever his message, can have no impact unless there are people willing to listen, and follow. And once they're there, the politician have some responsibility to teach good, and not have his followers do evil things. Bobi Wine's tours and music ever since he was elected as MP, are highly influential, and are not seen as mad ravings by a goodly proportion of Ugandans. Bobi has also written a few articles, and, i guess, he doesn't publish out of stupidity, but out of conviction and hatred for the dictatorship in Uganda. He has clearly decided to make his politics, his writings and his music his life's work.They are inextricably intertwined; you will find it impossible to do in-depth study of one without the other. Here's what: his music, and his fame, have made his views respectable and influential, and his music has come to represent his ideas.Political and cultural party lines are drawn with Bobi; the writings and the music have becom

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