Stella Nyanzi writes a “will” after insulting Janet Museveni

Dr Stella Nyanzi yesterday wrote an article on her facebook wall that so scotched Janet Museveni and exposed all her vices. Hours after publishing...

Only M7 the chameleon knows his evil plot against Ugandans

By. Mangeni Moses Ojambo. Museveni knew 1. That the war in Luweero would not help Ugandans or Uganda but he waged it and butchered 800. 000 Ugandans in vain 2. That he was a worse devil than all his predecessors combined, yet he came castigating them and christening them devils. 3 That he meant to bring no change to this country and that his death bed mantra would at last be "No change. " Yet he came riding high on "fundamental change slogan" 4. That constitutionalism had no place in his jungle game. Yet he hoodwinked Ugandans into an expensive constitutional process promulgating the well thought and well argued 1995 constitution which he knew he would trample upon and rape 5. That he would turn against his bush war comrades and hunt them down like the greedy hyena that he is. Yet he lured them into fighting alongside him, saw them put their lives on the line- some paying the ultimate price-because they thought he had a heart. 6. That he wante
Bireete Sarah's opinion at the Spear News

M7 31 years on; Succession debate still a taboo, constitutional age limit under threat

Bireete Sarah  Uganda - a Country where succession debate is still regarded as a taboo after 31 years of M7 in power! In 1989, Hon Joseph...

Your actions will haunt you, your children and grand children; An open letter to...

I don't care if the people voted or you rigged your way into that office as it's your practice.
My assumption for now is that you were voted by the people of the republic of Uganda whose constitution you intend to scratch like your own books before consulting the people you represent. Before I go any further, let me remind you, Few years back, Mr.Amama Mbabazi was the master mind of scrapping the presidential term limit from our constitution selfishly and myopically to create room for Museveni who is illegible to stand again. Few years down the road, the oppresser becomes the "oppressee". Ever since the term limit was scrapped from the constitution, my hope has for a peaceful transfer of power always lied in article 102 (b) of the constitution not until 2015 when I saw this time coming. Time for raping the constitution for life presidency. But I want you to look back, which country w

You must be selfish and unpatriotic to support Museveni

By Osuta Yusufu
Museveni cannot offer anything to the country except increasing what he has done best since 1986, corruption, sectarianism and nepotism.
I don't blame so much dictator Museveni's family for doing whatever they can in support of Museveni to stay as a president of Uganda no matter how old he gets, but can't stop wondering how an ordinary Ugandan stick to him. Museveni represents his family's future but It is another thing for an ordinary person to keep on supporting a man destroying anything within his reach for his family and ethnic tribes benefit. It's funny to see one supporter who cannot see Uganda without Museveni and are even sacrificing their own children's future generationss for Museveni. Such supporters are worse than the dictator himself and it's absolutely right for the general public to direct their anger towards those supporters. Its such supporters he relies on to stay in power and its such who keep on supporting F
Makerere University, to iintroduce own pre-entry examinations

Our country is under occupation, let us act

FIGHTING AN ENEMY WITHIN US There is nothing much more, I can say to you fellow citizens of this nation. You can sit and deny the obvious or do something about it. Our country is under occupation there is no ifs and buts period. We have many people from Rwanda and many from our neighboring countries mascara-ding as Ugandans and many of them have been given civil service jobs, loans to start businesses, involved in land grabbing with the help of UPDF and Police. We the rightful owners of this nation are marginalized People that have stood up to this colonization of our nation have been labeled as working for Museveni and this is done deliberately by Museveni's operatives and it has worked and example is Dr. Besigye. Rwanda is going through a mock election and some so called Ugandans are in Kigali campaigning for Paul Kagame. If this could happen what about our previous mock elections to. Museveni said he will pack judges with his own people, he has done it with similar poli

By Betty Nambooze: 2016’s 3 Museveni’s sacrilegious sins

NATIONAL CONVERSATION Psalms 37:35-36 I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree. Yet, he passed away, and, when...

“Wrong forum” as an Information censor strategy in Uganda

Bireete Sarah Uganda - a Country where any sincere talk about the wrongs happening with top leadership attracts all manner of responses. In Uganda, critical...

Sober Up – Head of Kenya’s Central Organization of Trade Unions tells Uhuru

The embattled President of Kenya Uhuru Kinyatta appears to many has a person who takes more than enough alcohol. Among the Presidents in the Eastern African region, he is the only one ever seen smoking and drinking beer publicly. Now following his ugly public statements about the country's judicially which annulled the Presidential results last week, the chairperson of the Countryside's powerful Trade Union has came out to advise him against "too much consumption of alcohol" The head of Kenya’s Central Organization of Trade Unions, the umbrella body for the country’s trade unions, Francis Atwoli, to stop drinking alcohol otherwise, this will cost the president and country at large dearly. “I am appealing to the president to be (a) little bit sober. Even the way he is addressing the public he appears not sober,” Atwoli said. “You still have a large following in Kenya, sober up!” Atwoli said during press conference on Sunday. Opinions

FDC stakes go beyond cardholders

By Joseph Tumushabe It all started in Parliamentary Advocacy Forum (PAFO) merging with Reform Agenda that later gave birth to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) When M7 made serious attacks on the opposition through merging public service with NRM, starvation of livelihoods of opposition, direct purchase of opposition within and outside NRM a huge force started growing. This force is the K factor, the force that came around Dr. Besigye. Not all people that were disgusted with M7's harassment were FDC. They included DP, UPC, NRM and nearly the entire none partisan group that had lost trust in politicians. As a matter of fact this force is growing bolder and we all have a right to comment and seek to direct how it gets run. We are stakeholders and are perhaps even more invested more in the way opposition to Museveni should be galvanize and run. So matters in FDC are our matters, even those who had booked space on the wall to watch are confronted by the reality that the

‘Religious institution should take lead in environment protection’

BY OUR REPORTER KAMPALA: Religious institutions should take lead in conserving the environment, given their frequent interaction with the people and the large chunks of...

THE UNRESOLVED MYSTERIES. We raise dust on many issues, thereafter how do they end....

THE MINORITY REPORT By Kaweesa Kaweesa People’s debate on radio, TV and social media would help better our society.  But do our leaders act or complete...

Letter to M7. The land, age limit debate says, Ugandans are disgusted with you

  • By personally appearing on radio stations to defend the land grabbing project, Museveni is either portraying his poor administration with nonfunctional systems or he is directly indicating that the land fight is totally his family business. 
  • His land grabbing justification is compared to a poison seller who entices customers by saying his poison kills slowly and if they don't take it they will miss going to heaven.
  • All public properties put under Museveni's custody have been either given out to family members or destroyed including all public land
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Norbert Mao. in a meeting with Kaihura in Mbarara as demand for reforms in DP increase

Let Mao face the heat, avoid tribal sentiment; A cry from home by an...

A voter from Northern Uganda following the DP president Mao's abusive and tribalistic response to DP party members demand for reforms within the party...

Is Museveni on a beggars mission or are his cadres getting the better of...

May 12, 2018 – A letter attributed to President Museveni in which he solicits for financial assistance for his party has raised a number...

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Museveni and the evolution of a superior breed in Uganda

May 22, 2018 – On Monday, Parliament reversed a proposal by the Museveni led executive to give science teachers preferential salaries that in some...

General Tumwine, where are your artists ?

As General Elly Tumwine fights the battle of his life for Nommo Gallery, one aspect of his struggle stands out. While he says the...

The rise and fall of Museveni’s whistle-blower Pius Bigirimana

May 13, 2018 – In ancient numerology, a cat can cheat death only nine times while the Muslims believe that a thief can only...