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Stella Nyanzi pour scorn on Uganda’s Opposition Parties

I swear to God, there is nothing as sexy as a man in the opposition in today's Uganda. Even after all the varied disappointments and the intense frustrations of endlessly hoping, hoping, hoping... for the ousting of the dirty old leopard, these opposition die-hards keep up the faith in the opposition. I find this - stamina against all odds - to be very appealing!
They still publicly declare that they belong to this or that political party. They still wear their blue, or green and white, or red, blue and black party clothes and walk out onto the streets. They still wave their party symbols to comrades out there. They even sing or chant their party slogans. Ayii Yesu! This wanton shamelessness turns me on: I mean - the refusal to abandon one's impotent political party comes from a deep place of refusing to be ashamed of the powerlessness of these parties!
Although I am deeply attracted by the commitment of opposition die-hards, my cynicism still jabs at the

Guys wake up: Either defy or Comply with the warlord.

The political debate inside FDC is very healthy. Although the spoilers call it abusive, it is a fact that FDC, is the only political party in Uganda that encourages political competition from the top to bottom and members actually practice it. That level of high competition creates an environment where ideas are strongly exchanged in favour or against any candidate. The competition in FDC is not chocolate eating competition, no. It is about advancing political ideas to attain a political office to serve certain political interests. Some political interests are purely personal aimed at achieving personal gain, and others, serve common good. It is o

Why Dr. Besigye should speak out on Fdc election

I have been following the undertakings in the biggest opposition party in Uganda for a couple of years and honestly been admiring their Democratic path as a democrat and a Ugandan. There is no doubt whatsoever, that whatever they do impacts much on our democracy as a people. Everyone has been praising their progress towards democratization both internally and externally. Even in NRM, very many people have openly praised FDC for being a Democratic organisation apart from Mr. Museveni and the reasons are known. But we are on the verge of losing out on those good values that have been propagated by FDC should they fail to handle the current campaigns democratically. I have noted with concern, a group in FDC purporting to speak Besigye mind all-over social media hurling insults to whoever is not supporting a candidate presumed to be backed by Dr. Besigye. I remember during UYD days, there was a tendency of mudslinging whoever was opposed to a group of Al-Hajj Nasser

Amulu land problem is a manifestation of luck of leadership-Mao

I have seen some attempts by those behind the current land saga in Amuru desperately trying to defend their resort to violent land acquisition by saying that I am in support of their actions. That is understandable. They want to use my name as a cloak of credibility to cover their nakedness. I wonder why they want to speak for me yet I can speak for myself. As a transformational leader, my track record is clear. Violent and illegal land acquisition is totally unacceptable. My model of large scale farming is visible in the case of Attiak Sugar which I supported from day one. Initially some people opposed the idea but now there is full support. The challenges that remain are within the realm of the manageable. That is my trade mark. Leading by example. I have given advice to all the key actors (cultural leaders, political leaders, community members and the so called land owners, and even the government). In fact in 2008, I was the one as Gulu District Chairman w

Angry Ugandan warns Minister Betty Amongi over Acholi land

An angry Ugandan called George Okello has written a dossier cautioning Land Minister Betty Amongi to avoid resurrecting old wars between the Langi and Acholi by supporting the take over of the latter's land for cane growing. The strongly worded dossier is reproduced here with some minor editing; The heat is mounting on Amongi Betty. She is a complete outcast now in Lango. She has become one of the most reviled and hated characters in the over 250 history of the people of Lango. To be an arse-licker of a brutal Rwandan Museveni was too much for any self-respecting Lango man or woman to take.
Worse of all, she is being seen as an asset by the regime, as battering ram to re-open past conflicts between Lango and Acholi in its divide and rule tactics. But the people of Lango are not going to fall into that trap.
No one is going to ever force them to engage in Museveni's vile policy of setting his victims against each other. No one wants to she

Let Buganda turn Lubiri into her Vatican city

In this world you either evolve or die
Milk shakes come in all flavors, you can basically mix whatever you want add some milk and call it a milk shake. Looking ahead the issue of who is a Muganda will be a definition of a milk shake. We are up to a point where the lineage cannot be defined. This brings me to the issue of the Lubiri. I grew around this perimeter and I revered it together with the Bulange. It so happens that the Kingdom is so engrossed in collecting funds and they are putting the issue of maintaining the tribal aspects on the side. By the way I think you can definitely do both. My idea of the Lubiri will be a big museum of the kingdom, to put it better the enclosure can be used to create the liking of a Vatican, a state within in a state. This will not only reduce the expense of the kingdom but it will consolidate all the aspects of the kingdom in one prime spot. The sky is the limit as to what can be done in an e

Akena and his wife traded UPC for their selfish favors from Museveni

Akena can't defend his ability in anything beyond being son of Obote. He doesn't even understand Museveni who exiled his father who brought him to limelight.
It is really mystery how a mental midget like Akena could ever aspire for leadership of a great party like UPC, let alone be a national leader. The man does not have the intellectual capacity to be even a village leader. Just look at his record as a member of parliament. In more than 8 years sitting in that bogus house, have you heard Akena move a motion on any economic or social policy, or even debate on anything of substance? A man fathered by the great Obote! He has been telling his sycophants that Museveni has promised to hand over power to him, just like Moi anointed Kenyatta’s son Uhuru as his successor-what a sham! He clearly does not understand Museveni who exiled his father, later on, Kenyan politics- and the fact that Uhuru tried to create his own

You must be selfish and unpatriotic to support Museveni

By Osuta Yusufu
Museveni cannot offer anything to the country except increasing what he has done best since 1986, corruption, sectarianism and nepotism.
I don't blame so much dictator Museveni's family for doing whatever they can in support of Museveni to stay as a president of Uganda no matter how old he gets, but can't stop wondering how an ordinary Ugandan stick to him. Museveni represents his family's future but It is another thing for an ordinary person to keep on supporting a man destroying anything within his reach for his family and ethnic tribes benefit. It's funny to see one supporter who cannot see Uganda without Museveni and are even sacrificing their own children's future generationss for Museveni. Such supporters are worse than the dictator himself and it's absolutely right for the general public to direct their anger towards those supporters. Its such supporters he relies on to stay in power and its such who keep on supporting F

How can Africa get rid of greedy Mafia’s from power?

By Sarah Bireete. Africa - a Continent where leaders come to power or retain power through rigged elections. Whereas modern democracy is known as government of the people, for the people and by the people; the reverse of the same is also true in Africa where power belongs to the group of a few well organized mafias that are ready and smart to manipulate people's will and the electoral systems to capture and retain power! This in effect explains the democracy malaise in most countries in Africa today and the notion that power belongs to the people is a fallacy!! Even if governance in African was to be perceived as an extension of the inherited traditional systems, this practice is still way below the threshold; Characterized by greed for power, selfishness, politics of exclusion, society of unequals and refusal to adhere to the democracy agenda. Fast Forward: Kenya has pushed its democracy on a cliff with ascendancy of ethnic/tribal politics and manipulation of elect

Age deceit; Stella Nyanzi back, pinches Museveni

Stella Nyanzi When I facebooked the bare buttocks' truth of his utterances about not being our servant but a freedom fighter, I was abducted, thrown into jail, accused of silly charges and threatened with mental examination. But the man is a liar. From his mouth fall living toads, venomous snakes, and poisonous spiders. From his mouth emanates farts, bile, and defecate. He lies shamelessly, even when it is obvious to the densest observers. He is lying about his age - whether he is lying now, or he lied before. And the witnesses to these lies tell us that they are Born Again believers. Liars, just - the whole lot of them! Come to my house and arrest me for this Facebook post as well. Opinions
Makerere University, to iintroduce own pre-entry examinations

Our country is under occupation, let us act

FIGHTING AN ENEMY WITHIN US There is nothing much more, I can say to you fellow citizens of this nation. You can sit and deny the obvious or do something about it. Our country is under occupation there is no ifs and buts period. We have many people from Rwanda and many from our neighboring countries mascara-ding as Ugandans and many of them have been given civil service jobs, loans to start businesses, involved in land grabbing with the help of UPDF and Police. We the rightful owners of this nation are marginalized People that have stood up to this colonization of our nation have been labeled as working for Museveni and this is done deliberately by Museveni's operatives and it has worked and example is Dr. Besigye. Rwanda is going through a mock election and some so called Ugandans are in Kigali campaigning for Paul Kagame. If this could happen what about our previous mock elections to. Museveni said he will pack judges with his own people, he has done it with similar poli

Museveni stop war mongering and killing our sons for $10,000 per head

Former presidential candidate Kyalya Walube has penne to president Museveni cautioning him about the consequences of the rootless wars he involves Ugandans into and their long term impacts to the next generation. She wrote a day after Al Shabaab militants in Somalia killed 12 UPDF soldiers though some reports indicate they killed 39 Ugandans. Moureen Kyalya Walube wrote: The people we are killing and who are killing us in Somalia are fellow Africans. $10,000 is not worth an English man, I wonder why M7 thinks its worth an African man. The Americans should deploy their troops to Africa so that they suffer some causalities too.
It's a shame and typical of pre-colonial chiefs to enslave our girls in Asian countries as house maids and sons into Somalia for $10,000 per head.
As a nation we are still struggling with the Rwandese refugee problem of the 1990's. The DRC billions

The judiciary is Uganda’s mother of corruption

  • Most Ugandan judges are true products of NRM!! Most coordinate their cheating with the clerks and the so called state prosecutors and you will never understand there sharing rules.
By ‎Kalinaki Muhammad‎ When you think of a “corrupt” judge, your minds may rush to Justice Kavuma, Justice Vincent Egwang, Justice Batema David or Jusice Isabirye and many others who trades rulings for cash. As far as i know, that obvious sort of corruption is rare. Among other things, a dishonest judge can ignore evidence, twist rules and procedures, expunge genuine affidavit/evidence, obstruct the record, retaliate, manufacture facts or ignore others, allow infirm claims or dismiss valid ones, deny admission of evidence prejudicial to the favored party, suborn perjury, mischaracterize pleadings, engage in ex parte communications and misapply the law and our laws are funny that the Judge will always have CAPs, acts and Sections to quote while

‘Uganda can exist and thrive without Mr. Museveni’

By Vincent Magombe At this critical juncture in the Ugandan national People’s journey of liberation, Free Uganda, the pro-democracy campaign group, pays tribute to all Ugandan liberation, resistance and pro-change forces, who are making enormous sacrifices, both individual and collective, to dislodge an intransigent, obdurate and outmoded fascistic regime that has ruled Uganda with an iron grip for over 30 years. The People’s struggle to free our Motherland Uganda continues unabated. And concerted efforts are on-going, not just to intensify the struggle, but, even more importantly, to situate and consolidate it in the People’s own aspirations and activism. The dictatorship under Yoweri Museveni, on the other hand, is very weakened and in disarray. The haphazard and panicky attempts by the dying regime to regroup and consolidate its melting grip on the country, through incredulous anti-people campaigns, such as the Age-limit and land-grab constitutional amendments, are be

Prof. Ogenga Latigo hardened scientific language does not answer the fundamental worries and questions...

By Bidi Halid Last night, I spent time reading that missive rambling and meandering letter by Prof. Ogenga Latigo, about GMO(genetically modified organism). The aim, was to help local farmers to identify their needs and understand the benefits of GMO. The good professor and law maker, was also trying to put his case and convince his fellow law and policy makers pass the controversial bill and embrace GMO. Unfortunately, Prof. Latigo, I think, because of his scientific and rambling language, he did not only leave most of his fellow half baked lawmakers confused, but left the poor local farmers who may take time to read his completely confused and more lost. Sadly, for me, I had to read the whole thing up to end. I was expecting him to at least address the two or three major concerns of Ugandans and Africans, but nothing came by. Which are among others; 1 - The costs to poor. Can we poor Africans afford these seeds? Which we can not replant. But only to buy and worst o

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