Let’s support Kenyans as they vote again- Gen.Muntu

By Spear Team FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu has asked Ugandans and Africa to support Kenyans as they go to polls again to decide on the future of their country. Muntu’s remarks were issued in a statement on Friday after Supreme Court of Kenya nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory after hearing a case that was lodged by Raila Odinga and his NASA coalition. “In taking this precedent step, the supreme court of Kenya made it clear that electoral bodies can no longer take citizens for granted. They must deliver to people a true, accurate, and transparent reflection of the nation’s will and anything short of this is unacceptable.” Muntu’s statement reads. He adds that the ruling was based on the fact that IBEC was unable to demonstrate that the results they announced where the properly and fairly tallied expression of Kenyan voters. Muntu praised Kenyans  for confronting this electoral challenge and choosing to solve it peacefully and democratically.

Lukwago has always fought FDC in the City Politics- Mugisha Muntu Camp

The most wonderful thing with elections especially internal party elections is that words spoken against colleagues die off fast soon after the campaigns. Still, although mature politicians leave these words to pass, the scars live on and at times when scratched they bleed into septic wounds that may never heal. The FDC internal Presidential campaigns are bringing out the worst the party has sat on for years. Actors from both the Mugisha Muntu and Amuriat camps are without any form of control hurling insults to discredit leaders, telling outright lies and blackmailing each other like never before. Social media has added a new avenue for activists on both sides to issue missives on behalf of their camps with authority though the same might not have been discussed and agreed upon. Today we bring you a dossier by a senior Mugisha Muntu campaign agent in which he denounces FDC's biggest ally in the Capital City politics as having had no role in the victories

FDC Elections: defiant or complaint to Museveni’s rule

The most important argument in the ongoing FDC elections is whether one is categorized as defiant or complaint to Museveni's rule. Mugisha Muntu is accused by his opponents as belonging to the complaint opposition that Museveni "loves" while at the same time he has accused the former party President Dr. Besigye of monopolizing the defiance campaign.
But does Besigye own the Defiance movement in Uganda? Omar Kalinge Nyago traces for us the origin of the non violent strategy to fight Museveni and RE-DECLASSIFIED
ORIGINS OF DEFIANCE AS A POLITICAL METHOD IN UGANDA As the debate on defiance rages, it is timely to bring this declassified information, and if remembered, especially by those who were part of the initial effort- it can help redirect their energy to the liberation of our country. As it turns out, some of them are now on opposite sides (of the opposition) today which is natural. Among the women I can only recall only o

Mugisha Muntu throws jabs at Besigye after nomination

Gen. Mugisha Muntu, has been nominated today to compete for the Office he has held for two team. After the nomination Mugisha Muntu was hosted by MP Kiira Municipality Ibrahim Ssemujju for a public rally at Jokas Bweyogerere, Kira Municipality.
At the rally Mugisha Muntu who enjoys big support among FDC MPs threw veiled attacks at former Party President Kizza Besigye. One interesting line in his Speech was. "...... when I lose, I don't create parallel structures, I go behind the party........."
This was viewed by observers as a jab at Besigye whom the Muntu camp faults for creating activism outfits like walk to work,siren,defiance campaign that have overshadowed the FDC party. Ironically Besigye is not in the race with Muntu this time. He is however (Besigye) believed to be supporting Muntu's rival Oboi Amuriat. At the same rally Muntu FDC members for choosing "continuity and experience " when they got out in big numbers to escort him as he went for nomin

Is Nandala Mafabi leaving FDC for a new political party ?

The fact that Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi opted out of the Forum for Democratic Change presidential race when all indicators showed that he was the most favourite among the contenders has left many people guessing on what his likely to be his next move. The Ugandan an online media house quoting a unrevealed source alleges that Nandala believes the main opposition party is now becoming irrelevant and would therefore be launching a new political party. Under the current law Mandala cannot cross from FDC to form a new political party without missing his seat. He can however join another party in 2020,a year before the general election. Mafabi’s longtime rival Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu is today Monday being nominated for re-election as party president.
Political analyst say this election his likely to leave FDC more divided than before and signs that the biggest opposition party might split into a new party are visible.
In 2012, Muntu de

I will go rear Chicken and grow Avocado if we lose – William Samoei...

We will accept the will of the people, If Kenyans don’t vote us in, I will go back to rearing my chicken, I have also started growing avocados, says William Samoei Ruto Politics

MP Nambooze to M7: Let Muhoozi face Lukwago in 2021

By Spear Team Mukono municipality MP, Betty Nambooze Bakireke has criticized president Museveni for being deceitful and not telling his right age. Quoting from the bible, Psalms 90:10 that says, ‘Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away,” Nambooze said that at 73 Museveni is alive for Godly reasons but can’t add any value to the life of Ugandans. “We are asking Mr. Museveni to respect his own constitution of 1995 that was drafted by himself not that of Sir Edward Museveni, Milton Obote. It is this same constitution that says that a person who is above 75 will not contest for presidency. We didn’t ask him to publicly announce that over staying in power is Africa’s problem”, Nambooze added. Nambooze added that whatever is happening is a problem of Ugandans because Museveni is determined to take people’s land and create a complete

As Museveni clings to power , Trump is already fed up of being...

The longest serving president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni can laugh himself silly if he gets to listen to the US President Donald Trump who is already missing his private life after only 100days in Office. Having been in power for thirty one years Museveni has seen six US presidents and if Ugandans don't wake up, Museveni may see another US President while in Nakasero state lodge. Spear News research team landed on his article and reproduce it here for ease of reference; He misses driving, feels as if he is in a cocoon, and is surprised how hard his new job is. President Donald Trump on Thursday reflected on his first 100 days in office with a wistful look at his life before the White House. "I loved my previous life. I had so many things going," Trump told Reuters in an interview. "This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier." A wealthy businessman from New York, Trump assumed public office for the first time wh

VIDEO, DP leaders banish Mao, Mbidde and Siranda from Mukono

Mukono Municipality DP Executive committee has with immediate effect banished DP president general Norbert Mao, his vice Mbidde Mukasa and Ag Organizing Secretary Siranda Blacks from stepping in their constituency on any mission. Also read

Greater Masaka DP leaders banish Mbidde-Mao from their region-Audio

According to the executive committee organising secretary Ms Nakasi Betty, the banishment is for 14 days which is the same period they have given as an ultimatum to Mao to retract his executives illegal decision to suspend Hon. Nambooze without being accorded a fair hearing. In a press conference held Wednesday at Mukono DP headquarters Nakabago under the guidance of

KNOW YOUR MP: Ibrahim Abiriga the yellow boy leading the Anti- age limit...

In the 7th-8th Parliament, Nrm had a famous group of the yellow girl s" led by Hanifa Kawooya among others. They were known to support Mr.Museveni without any reservation but as time went on, they lost the steam. They are still around but not as vigilant as in the past years. What is new on the block however, is the emergence of the Yellow boys led by Ibrahim Abiriga. [caption id="attachment_7291" align="aligncenter" width="480"] MP. Abiliga (center) outside the Parliamentary Building[/caption] In an interview with the Press, Abiriga  in 2015 said he decided to quit the job of RDC because he had failed to serve people like he would wish using the position. Ibrahim Abiriga, the  then Yumbe Resident District Commissioner had resigned to join politics as MP Arua Municipality. <img class="size-medium wp-image-7292 alignleft" s

Kadaga adjourns Parliament sine die over absence of Ministers

The speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has ran out of patience and decided to adjourn the house sine die after cabinet failed to show up or to show readiness to answer back questions asked by MPs over the 2017/2018 budget and other matters related to security and hunger. Kadaga was particularly disappointed that the  Finance Minister Matia Kasaija had failed to show up in parliament to debate the tax bills Politics

Xourt Throws Out Kyadondo East MP

The Court of Appeal has upheld the High court judgment nullifying the election of Apollo Kantinti as the Kyadondo East Constituency Member of Parliament.  The three Court of Appeal Judges concurred with the judgment of Justice Henry Kaweesa, saying the elections didn't comply with electoral laws, which substantially affected the final results. The Court of Appeal Judges are Richard Buteera, Cheborion Balishaki and Paul Mugamba.  They ordered Electoral Commission to conduct by elections for Kyadondo East Constituency.   The Judgment followed an application filed by Sitenda Sebalu, the former NRM candidate challenging the decision by Wakiso District Registrar, Sarah Bukirwa and the Electoral Commission to declare Katinti winner despite the irregularities that marred the election.   In his application

By letting his reckless mouth rant about the Kabaka, Mao crossed the red line

Mao it seems he has crossed the line by insulting the Kabaka and may be biting rather too big than he can chew. Whenever Mao has been called upon by his party members to account for acts of his administration he has instead staged village like excuses, abused, insulted and expelled the leading voices. This time round he employed another tactic; reminding the Baganda that they mothered DP and have a duty to protect it (ready not to question his leadership, whatever style because he is a non muganda and does the Baganda great good to associate with them). To push his point further he cited the Kabaka and called him a mendicant who goes to Museveni to beg. And Moa didn't end at that, he said of the Baganda MPs on whose head he bases to earn tax payers money as not even being fit to be parliamentary receptionists. But this time Moa cracked a joke and laughed alone. Many people who up to now have been silent have came out to warn Mao, bel

Four Cleared to Battle for Kagoma County Seat, DP again not represented as leaders...

By Beatrice Friday

Electoral Commission  has  cleared four candidates to battle for Kagoma County parliamentary seat. T

The two day nomination exercise attracted  National Resistance Movement(NRM) flag bearer Moses Walyomu,  Independent Alex Brandon Kintu,  FDC’s Timothy Batuwa Lusala, and independent Bidondole Muhammad.

The exercise was conducted by Jinja District Returning Officer Tonny Ambrose Mwaita at Kagoma County headquarters.

This the third consecutive by-election in which DP has no candidate as her leaders scramble for authority against members in Kampala

Kintu in March won a court petition that nullified Walyomu’s election over vote bribery.

<img class=" wp-image-7108 alignleft" src="https://thespearnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/kintu-brandon.jpg" alt

Besigye makes 61 years,talks of urgency to end dictatorship in Uganda

Yesterday FDC strongman and four time Presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye made 61years of age. He penned on his face book account Kizza Besigye the following article; I am totally overwhelmed by the many messages of birthday wishes, prayers and encouragement! I can't thank you enough for your thoughts and expressions. I am truly grateful to God who's gifted me with 61 action a packed years! It's His Grace that's seen me through really trying times & enabled me to stay the course. I am also keenly aware that without the huge sacrifices and courage of all of you and many many more comrades not on this forum, I wouldn't have lived to see this day and to do whatever I've done. There are still enormous challenges ahead, but the light can now be clearly seen at the end of the tunnel. The fading cries of our starving citizens; the desperate cries of the sick in dilapidated & empty health units; the blank gazes of our malnourished or stunted children

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Maureen Kyala pleads for Nambooze’s life

June 19, 2018 - Former presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya has appealed to President Museveni to save the life of detained and bed-ridden Mukono Municipality...

Monitor journalist demands for Museveni’s apology over Kayihura

June 16, 2018 – A monitor journalist wants President Museveni to apologise to Ugandans over the torture and harassment meted out on them by...

Nambooze in critical condition at Naggalama police station

June 15, 2018- Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke is reported to be in critical condition at Naggalama police station where she was detained...